R.I.P Blue Cheese Burger (a.k.a Red White & Blue Burger)

Most of my family and friends know that I have a peculiar taste when it comes to food. One of the things I really like to eat is blue cheese. In Malaysia, I seldom find people who like it. (Typically they say it smells and taste like longkang. Err, how do you know what longkang taste like? :P) So far, I’ve only managed to expose Belacan Girl to this delicacy. It took her quite some time to like it… hehehe


I especially like blue cheese in my burgers. The best I’ve tasted is Hard Rock Cafe’s Red, White & Blue burger. It’s a burger with juicy medium-rare beef, scrumptious salad, tomatoes and onions, crispy pickles, special hot sauce, and soft burger buns. And of course, a generous portion of blue cheese crumbles inside. Whenever I go to Penang, I always make a point to stop by the Hard Rock Resort there to get my dose of blue cheese burger.

Guess what? I was going through the HRC Penang website and went through the food menu. The Red, White & Blue burger is NOT ON THE MENU ANYMORE! (Huwaaaaaaaa!!!!) Check out the menu below:

Rest in peace my blue cheese burger. Farewell my friend. You will be remembered.




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