Oscar 2014 Review!

Yes! Oscar 2014 dah habis. Sekarang time kita review pulak. Saper yang dapat tengok tadi memang untung la. (Ehem! Tak kerja ke?) Saper yang pegi kerja macam kitorang mesti record kat Astro Beyond. Ada jugak yang sanggup ambik cuti sebab nak tengok ‘live’. Takpelah, sekali setahun kan? Muahaha!

Anyways, by now most of you mesti dah tahu saper menang. (Blog ni bukan Buletin Utama okay? Berita ada delay sikit) Jom kita recap pemenang-pemenangnya:

12-years-a-slave-quadBEST PICTURE : “12 Years a Slave”

A disheveled Matthew McConaughey gets arrested in scenes for 'The Dallas Buyers Club' in New Orleans

BEST ACTOR : Matthew McConaughey, “Dallas Buyers Club”

Cate Blanchett in Woody Allen's Blue Jasmine

BEST ACTRESS : Cate Blanchett, “Blue Jasmine”


BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR : Jared Leto, “Dallas Buyers Club”


BEST SUPPORTING ACTRESS : Lupita Nyong’o, “12 Years a Slave”


BEST DIRECTOR : Alfonso Cuarón, “Gravity”

Usually we will only pay attention to the 6 above categories jer.  The rest of the winners click here

Sebenarnya kitaorang belum tengok pun lagi cerita 12 Years A Slave, Dallas Buyers Club, or Blue Jasmine. So, nak komen lebih-lebih pun tak boleh. CheeseBoy baru sempat tengok Gravity and Wolf of Wall Street. Gravity memang best. Visual effects and sound editing dia memang gempak la. Terasa betul kesunyian Sandra Bullock sorang2 kat outer space tu.  Saper yang claustrophobic amat tidak digalakkan tengok cerita Gravity. Wolf of Wall Street pun dapat a few nominations. Leonardo Dicaprio and Jonah Hill got nominations as Best Actor and Best Supporting Actor respectively. Martin Scorcese pun nominated Best Director and Best Picture. Tapi tak menang apa2 pun. Wolf of Wall Street ni memang untuk 18 above. Cerita memang best, tapi banyak ‘f-word’ and nudity. Leo’s acting memang macam siut.

What do we think of the winners?

We really think that Matthew McConaughey deserve the win. He’s known for having a very fit body, and to see him struggle to get into character (resulting in really skin and bones look) was jawdropping. He really gave it his all to lose all that muscle mass. As an AIDS victim, he really looked the part. No CGI there at all. Method acting at its best. Very impressive.

Another of our favourite is Alfonso Cuaron. Who’s he actually? Here’s some trivia. Alfonso directed Harry Potter: The Prisoner of Azkaban, which was the film that transformed the Harry Potter films from being cutesy pie type, to a very dark and ‘real’ world film. (Harry Potter was never the same after that) We’ve been tracking his movies after that. And the Best Director Oscar for ‘Gravity’ is well deserved indeed. Seriously, go watch it if you haven’t.

We also like 12 Years A Slave as Best Picture. Simply because it was produced by Brad Pitt! He has really grown up after hooking up with Angelina Jolie (*drool*) He has transitioned well from Hollywood’s Golden Boy to uber-producer. He’s now been accepted seriously by his peers. We don’t think he can do that if he stuck with Jennifer Aniston. Muahahaha. (Go Team Jolie!)

What’s our favourite part of this year’s Oscars? It has just got to be the Best Selfie ever, tweeted by Ellen Degeneres. Just legendary.

EllenOscarTweetCuba kira berapa artiste kat dalam selfie atas?

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2 thoughts on “Oscar 2014 Review!

  1. Did you see benedict cumberbatch photobomb U2? I love him, he’s a great sherlock jolmes and also the voice of smaug! Yet to see gravity, waiting for it to come out on redbox soon, can’t beat $1.49!

    • Yup. Oscars 2014 will be remembered for the selfies and photobombs! Benedict was awesome in Star Trek Into the Darkness btw.

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