Captain America : Winter Soldier [CheeseBoy Review]

Friday evening jams is really a big problem nowadays. Since both Belacan Girl and I carpool to work, I have to pick her up in the evenings. Friday is the worst because for some reason only known to God, there’s always massive traffic jams from my office to her office in Jalan Ampang. Even worse when there’s rain. One tiny drop of rain will create Friday evening gridlock in KL that only ends after 9pm.

So yesterday I got stuck in a massive 2 hour jam on the way to Belacan Girl’s office. (What’s new?) And I was in no mood to get stuck in another jam from her office to our home. I made the decision to pick her up and drop by KLCC.

When we arrived there, we asked ourselves “What to do ah?” Long story short, we grabbed a bite for dinner at McDonald’s and bought tickets to Captain America: Winter Soldier.

Here’s my review:

captain-america-the-winter-soldier-2014-poster-wallpaper-1152x864-captain-america-wants-to-know-about-your-real-life-heroesCaptain America Steve Rogers is a confused guy. He’s about 90 years old and missed about 60 years being in frozen in ice and all. He still has difficulty adapting to the new world. (He finds the Internet cool). The story picks up about 2 years after the Avengers event in New York. Captain America rescues a ship full of hostages comprising of SHIELD agents. During the rescue, Natasha Romanoff (a very hot, pre-preggers Scarlett Johansson) manages to steal some encrypted data on the orders from Nick Fury. (Not part of the rescue plan) Rogers then confront Nick Fury about the data, and Fury shares that the data is about something bigger called ‘Project Insight’, three massive heli-carriers that are designed to kill 20 million people who are deemed ‘troublesome’ by SHIELD’s standards.

Later parts of the movie reveal more about Project Insight and how SHIELD has been infiltrated by HYDRA (heil Hydra!) agents. Robert Redford also stars as Alex Pearce, the head of SHIELD but in actuality the leader of HYDRA. (Why must these secret organizations be spelt in capital letters?) HYDRA hijacks the heli-carriers, and of course, Captain America and the gang (new character called ‘The Falcon’ makes his introduction in this movie) saves the day.

I don’t want to spoil the story too much, but this movie is way better that the first Captain America. It has more character development and the action sequences are simply awesome. (By the way, finally someone kills Nick Fury. I’ve always wondered why no one tries to kill him earlier, since he’s ‘the’ super-spy and SHIELD master?)

The only beef I have about this movie is that WHERE THE HECK ARE THE OTHER AVENGERS?

Ever noticed that in Iron Man 3, none of the other superheroes helped Tony Stark when he was attacked by the Mandarin? In this movie, it was so obvious that Captain America needed help from his pals. But nooooo…. NO ONE HELPED! The Hulk could have destroyed the 3 heli-carriers in less that 10 minutes. (HULK SMASH!) Even Thor could have beat crap out of the Winter Soldier with mjolnir.  Where was the Iron Man? All these things were happening in Washington DC. Jarvis could have easily alerted Tony that shit was happening, and the Iron Man suit could fly him there in less than 1 hour. One more thing, the heli-carriers were equipped with Stark-made engines! Shouldn’t the vendor be there? Helloooooo?Hulk-Smash-Puny-Avengers
Logic has been thrown out the window. But the movie was really good. Do catch it.

My verdict:
Acting : 4/5
Storyline : 4/5
CGI : 5/5
Total Score: 4.3/5


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