6 Corner @ Senibong Seafood Village

Back in April 2015, I joined my family for a wedding in JB. What was initially planned as a day trip turned into overnight stay as my father was not feeling well. So, we took the opportunity to drive to Senibong Seafood Village (about 30-40 minutes drive from JB town) for fresh and mouthwatering seafood delicacies.

Senibong 14

Just like Bagan Lalang or Port Klang, Senibong Seafood village also comprises of multiple restaurants. For that night my brother recommended stall called 6 Corner Senibong Seafood.

Senibong 12

We were spoiled for choices. Check out the fresh seafood peeps!

Senibong 15Senibong 11Senibong 10Senibong 13

What we ordered? Here goes!

Senibong 6

I can’t recall the name of this dish. It is similar to otak-otak, but it’s not 😛

Senibong 7

Kerang rebus

Senibong 4

This is Ikan Bakar. But I prefer the one that we usually had in Terengganu. Do remind me to blog about it!

Senibong 2

Ikan masak 3 Rasa

Senibong 1

Butter prawns (Don’t worry, I brought my anti-sinus medication Telfast with me!)

Senibong 3

Crap! Crabs

Senibong 5

The look of the deep fried squid may not be that handsome, but trust me it was so GOOD! We actually had ordered another portion!

I can’t really recall the actual total price damage, but I believe it did not exceed RM300.00 (Not in picture: 1 whole jug of juice and a plate of veggies). I think for 7 pax it’s not bad at all. So, if you are heading to Johor  you may want to add Senibong Seafood Village in your to do list.

How to get there? Below are the details 🙂

6 Corner Senibong Seafood, Persisir Pantai Senibong, Kampung Senibong, Permas Jaya, Johor Bahru

GPS: 1.484986,103.817496

Operation Hours: 5:00pm to 1.00am

P.S: In case you are wondering, yes Senibong serves halal seafood.


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