Who are you Uncle?

To those who know me would definitely know that I’m a big fan of Moleskine. I practically collect them. In KL there are 2 places where I like to get my supplies, one being Cziplee in Bangsar; the other one is Tango Mango in One Utama.

I like Cziplee because they have special room to display the wide range Moleskine collection. They also offers the most competitive price in the market and occasionally they also have a promotion where you can get a free Moleskine with certain amount of purchase. But its a bit too commercialized.

Tango Mango on the other hand, despite having limited stocks and range of Moleskine and the price being on the higher side, they have one personnel that really like. This Uncle who works there is not just friendly, but very well versed on the history of Moleskine. He can actually explain the details of each Moleskine and how is one differ from another, as well as how a particular Moleskine can help you (oh well, despite being a marketeer i will still fall for all those sales talk :P) To cut story short he makes that particular Moleskine extra special and at because of that I don’t mind paying slightly more.

What bothers me now, last night at 2 am my husband and I decided to go to McD in Bandar Utama for our early sahur. When we arrived there we saw “The Uncle” sitting there having his meal. Half an hour later, as we are almost done with our meal, we realized that the Uncle was still there but now he was already in deep sleep. Seeing him there made me realized that was not the first time I saw him sleeping at that particular McD. When I went to the sink to wash my hands, I decided to peek on him and saw he him having a mini travelling bag with him. I am terribly disturbed by the idea that came out on my head. Could this Uncle be homeless? Whatever happened to the stories he told me and my friend on his Moleskine collection at home and how his Mum love to make fuss about it!

I seriously hope whatever in my head is not the reality. Because the way he speaks he really doesn’t sound like his homeless dude. I hope and pray the best for him. A nice man like him doesn’t deserve to have this type of fate. I guess I have to buy Moleskines to ensure he earns for commission 😛 Oh well, joke aside, this incident makes me even thankful with what I have now. I also pray that I won’t ended up like that… it’s really sad.. really…


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