The Tennis Prediction

I am still excited over Andy Murray’s victory at Wimbledon yesterday. Another prediction of mine came through and the Brits 77 years waiting has finally ended. Andy Murray becomes the first British man to win the tournament since Fred Perry. Well done Andy!


The Late Fred Perry. The man behind the clothing line label 🙂 

To those who know me well, I am a die hard fan of Roger Federer. There were times that I got very cranky should Roger lose a match. But I am way cooler now. I’m managing my expectations well, the dude is getting older and the other boys are getting better. Nonetheless, in my opinion Roger is still the “GOAT”!

Okay here is my standard operating procedure. In any tennis tournament, the first person that I will be rooting for is Roger Federer. If Roger didn’t compete in that tournament or got defeated in earlier round I will be rooting for Andy Murray. I started to pay attention to Andy after watching his match against Richard Gasquet in 4th round match 2007 Wimbledon. Andy was 2 sets and a break down, but he continued to push Gasquet (who was seeded 7th or 8th… I can’t really remember) and eventually won the match. Knowing that he’s Brit (Scottish though), I realized he’s Britain’s hope to finally win Wimbledon. For that reason, I will always give extra support to Andy during Wimbledon.

Last year, I predicted that all Top 4 will win 1 Grand Slam each. Not randomly, but I specifically predicted Novak will win AO, Rafa will win Roland Garros, Roger to win Wimbledon and Andy Murray will win his first Slam at US Open. And it came true! Woot, woot!

This year my prediction is Novak for AO, Rafa for Roland Garros, Andy to win Wimbledon and Roger to win US Open. So far 3 of my predictions came true and we are left with US Open. My husband on the other hand predicted that Roger would not win any Slam this year. Sheesh, kasi spoil betul! So, I shall patiently wait for US tour to start soon and see whose prediction will eventually came true!



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