Cooking with MIB

On 20th July, Elly and I attended baking class organized by MIB –  Men in Black Malaysian Institute of Baking at PJ New Town. Registration was at 8.15 am and class started 9.00 am. Elly was annoyed as I overslept again 😛 and because we were late we have to sit at the back. Sigh…


The class started with some theory lessons by Don Yong himself (Don is the Chairman of MIB and he is famously known as Dr. Baker).  We were introduced to yeast, texture of dough, how temperature will affect the dough, etc, etc…After almost an hour of lesson on theory we finally got to the kitchen. (The main reason why we picked this class is because of the hands on session). Even Master Don said, “Make sure you get dirty or else you won’t be learning.”

Here are some of the pictures from the hands on session :


After the class ended, both Elly and 1 were both beaming with smiles. The RM100 paid was totally worth it. We got very excited and even planned to do our own bakery. For a start we would like to acquire a Volkswagon Kombi and convert it so we could sell buns, breads, cookies from the van…Hahahaha… Yeap, we tend to get carried away with our imaginations.

Btw, we were told that the class we attended was the final baking class for the year. They have one final class but it will be on Nyonya food. You can go to for more info.


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