Family Vacation 2014

Hello Singapore, we’re back!! Hahaha…yes we went to Singapore again during Thaipusam 3 days weekend, but this time around it was for our family vacation. Its has really been awhile since our family travel both locally or abroad together because back in early 2012, my dad (I call him Abah) went through 3 major surgeries that restricted him from travelling. So we are happy that he was fit again and all excited for the holiday. Alhamdulillah.

I was so tired (I think I’m still tired from it) first of all because Abah refused to fly, so instead we actually drove from KL to Singapore. Convoying 2 cars with unfamiliar route is no fun. Thank God for Waze. The drive took us almost 7 hours, to reach Orchard Road…sigh. Second, I had to arrange accommodation for 9 pax and made sure that the hotel was serving Halal food and we are not being overcharged. Phone booking will double the hotel rate and information on the room specials on Agoda were very vague. Luckily, the hotel online booking was helpful. Abah was constantly hungry (he stopped smoking after the surgeries, so he replaced ciggie with food!) therefore I had to constantly Google for halal food. And halal by Abah’s definition meant the place must not only received halal certification but must also be cooked by Muslims. 

Despite being so stressed and exhausted from planing and managing the holiday in order to keep everyone happy (yes, I am the family secretary), I am so glad that in the end what matters the most we spent quality time together.

Family Vacay 029

Almost there!

Family Vacay 028

Happy us 🙂 

Family Vacay 001

Dinner at Zam Zam as usual

Family Vacay 002

They were checking out on Singapore chicks 😛

Family Vacay 004

Taking Abah, Mak and Along for their first MRT ride 🙂 

Family Vacay 006

Day 2: Trip to SEA Aquarium

Family Vacay 052

Cool job eh? 

Family Vacay 050

Did I tell ya Abah loves fish? 

Family Vacay 053

Mak usual bored face 😛

Family Vacay 055

Hjh Maimunah, another all time favourite of our family. Perfect if you want to have the home cook meal feeling.

Family Vacay 054

Fluff Bakery is just across Hjh Maimunah. We reached at about 2pm and all sold out. Could only smell them baking inside. I heard they were cooking pandan flavour cupcake and it smells so good. Better luck next time.

Family Vacay 016

I love this group photo by hubs

Family Vacay 056

Guys were bored while we girls happily shopped at Pazzion 🙂 

Family Vacay 059

What is this Man U traitor doing in Man U Shop? 

Family Vacay 017

Stall no. 7 is the only halal stall with muslim cook at Newton Circus

Family Vacay 018

Newton Circus is famous for seafood and bbq food. I heard the chili crab there is amazing. 

Family Vacay 060

My date 🙂 

Family Vacay 061

Off we go for our movie date. The new Jack Ryan was disappointing though 

Family Vacay 062

Day 3: Yes, we Asian travelers love the free breakfast.

Family Vacay 019

Levis was having 50% off sale. The boys went nutty. 

Family Vacay 064


Family Vacay 065

Far East Plaza has quite a number halal restaurants and food court. This Ayam Penyet Ria restaurant was not bad at all.

Family Vacay 020

Quest searching for size 5 shoes for Abah. The old man was tired, so I have to look around shoes and presented to him.

Family Vacay 021

Yeap, Abah walk around Singapore with Crocs selipar I got him 🙂

Family Vacay 023

Nice handbag Along 😛

Family Vacay 066

Everyone was exhausted and ready to go home 🙂


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