Titbits Heaven!

Of late CheeseBoy and I has been scratching our heads on how to reduce our monthly expenses, particularly with GST coming next year and the increase of electricity tariff. We also would like to save more for rainy days.

After much discussion, we both agreed that first thing that we have to cut is our expenses on food as it is one of the biggest chunk of our monthly budget. We really have to reduce number of times eating out and cook more at home and no more shopping groceries at Ben’s 😦 , but of course unless it is absolutely necessary (I’ll find excuses for this) 😛

Over the weekend, I suggested to CheeseBoy to go to a wholesaler place that sells titbits. He immediately likes the idea. Oh well, it is definitely better than his wife asking for nachos and salsa dip for snack. (That one snack could easily costs us whopping RM30!) So this place that we went sells all sort of titbits such as biscuits, asam, peanuts, muruku/kerepek, chocolates, candy, party goodies and many others.

Jajan 001

They have all sort of biscuits: marie, chipsmore, oreos you name it…

Jajan 002


Jajan 003

CheeseBoy was contemplating, to buy or not to buy…hhmm…

Jajan 004

They also have Mo Fa Kor Asam aka Asam Eddie Pak. Hahaha…during college time we named Mo Fa Kor as Eddie Pak because the dude on the packaging does look like Eddie Pak 😛

Jajan 005

Lollipop anyone?

Jajan 006

So many choices till we can’t decide what to buy!

This is basically the spot where stalls selling tit bits get their stocks. But this is also the place where you can get supply for party packs, entertaining big crowds, or if you want to get supply for donation. In case you are wondering, this place is called MK Snack Food Sdn Bhd and the address is No.66 Jalan 1/12, Old Town PJ. Have fun exploring the place! 

Jajan 008

Jajan 007

P/s: We went to the old spot, only to discover they have shifted. Worry not, address given above is the venue 🙂


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