My MasterChef apron 🙂

This is my typical conversation with my Mr. Husband:

Me: Sayang, I really feel exhausted today.

Husband: Exhausted tak payah masak

Me: Kalau tak masak nak makan apa dinner?

Husband: Tak tau…

Me: Ceh! Ok la… I masak 😦

I am surely not the best cook and my cooking ability/range is somewhat very limited. I’m lucky that I am married to a very simple man and not a fussy eater.  (I lied! The truth is, if we’re dining out he is super picky but somehow he tends to tolerate my lousy cooking).

Throughout the years of marriage I have certainly become a better cook, not great but sufficient enough to feed the family. Thanks to continuous support from Mr. Husband!

Today I take pleasure in cooking, despite on certain days we only had simple dish like ayam goreng, nasi putih and kicap. It is great pleasure seeing my husband enjoying the simple meal! At the end of the day it’s not what we cook, but how we cook. As long we are sincere to cook for the family and the food is cook with love, insya’allah it will be the best food in the world and no MasterChef can ever beat that!


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