Staying Offline

There are just too many sad and negative things happening of late. To make matters worse, they are just too many annoying people on social media. (The bashings and all those conspiracy theories over MH370 are really nauseating) Due to that, I had decided to stay offline and it was a wise choice indeed.

When I first started this blog, I vowed that I would only write positive things and about things that I like (If I tried out a new a place and it displeases me, I will just not write about it, rather than bashing the place). I was one of those who was guilty of putting my rage over the social media, and I am really not proud of it now 😦 In case some of you are wondering why am I staying away from social media (particularly Facebook), well those were my reasons.

So, by staying offline I actually spent the time reading and I think I’ll write review on some of the books that I’ve read. I also completed reading my MIL’s 600 over pages manuscript. And today we had a discussion on how we can improve the plot. Honoured that MIL actually accepted my reviews and will make amendments based on my comments (Oh boy, now I hope that I really give her a good advice 😛 )

Mama's Manuscript

Converted the manuscript to PDF format so I could read it straight from my iPad.

Prior to the discussion, I had also managed to squeeze in an outing with both my Mak and Mama. And what is better than going shopping with them 😀

Mak and Mama

Yes, shopping makes women happy. Check out how happy these two women were 😛 

Yeap, suddenly you have more time for yourself once you distance yourself from the gadgets!


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