How I Met Your Mother – The Finale (BelacanGirl Review)



I’m writing this no more than a minute after I’m done watching How I Met Your Mother finale. I still have tears in my eyes.  The past several episode has been very emotional to me, there were so many things that both CheeseBoy and I can relate to. I am so happy that Ted has finally met “The One”, she was so very perfect for him. They complement each other. I can almost feel for him. They are so sweet together that it gave me sugar high. I was initially very skeptical when they first cast Crisitn Milioti (I thought she was not pretty enough. Sheesh, so judgmental of me). But now I think she was perfectly cast, that I actually believe that she and Ted are actually real life couple.  I am still okay that THEY KILL THE MOTHER (Damn you script writers!) But I am so pissed when they ended the show with Ted running after Robin again (The kids approved it of course, Oh, and yeah Robin and Barney got divorced after 3 years of marriage.)

Yes, that is what happened. After 9 years of being loyal to the show, I find the ending kind of disappointing. They should changed the title to “How I Met Your Step Mom” instead pfftt… Sorry peeps, one trait that I am always proud of is my loyalty. If I found someone right, I am going to stick to that person. The way the ended it, is just like the Mother is second best next to Robin.

CheeseBoy said that Ted had met the perfect person for him (the Mother) and they were happy. Ted probably was emotionally  devastated when the Mother died. (Knowing how loyal Ted’s character is, it’s probably best they did not show the death scene of the Mother/Wife. You can just imagine how Ted would break down) But since Ted is now alone, he can finally have some closure with Robin.

Sigh…. I’m still annoyed 😦


 PS: You can check out for CheeseBoy’s review here.


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