Anniversaries : A Guy’s Perspective

I’m sure most guys dread anniversaries involving their significant other. There’s the big one like wedding anniversaries, and slightly smaller ones like the date you become couple anniversary, the date you got engaged anniversary, your first date anniversary, etc. Remembering dates is hard enough, but knowing what to plan/do for your anniversaries is 100 times harder.

Me and Belacan Girl is approaching 10 years wedding anniversary in a few months time. Uh oh!

Years ago, being the eksyen husband, I might have promised her some crazy stuff for our 10th year anniversary. I hazily remembered promising her a 1 carat diamond ring and a few other things. (Biasalah muda-muda berangan jadi millionaire. Sekarang belum jadi lagi, tapi dah kena deliver. Pengsan.)

I might have gotten myself in trouble. Time is running short for me. Must work crazy hard the next few month to fulfill my promises.

Any ideas out there? How do you celebrate your 10th wedding anniversary?


(Psstt… BelacanGirl Hint! Hint!)


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