I must say that both hubs and I were totally freaked out (well, watching it 1.30 am does not help) when we first heard this creepy Once Upon A Dream rendition by Lana Del Rey from one of Maleficent trailers.

Maleficent is definitely one of the most anticipated movie this summer for us, due to several reasons namely:

1) This is Angelina Jolie’s first movie since Tourist (2010) and Kung Fu Panda (2011). I guess Kung Fu 2 doesn’t count since it was only her voice. Four years is quite a long time.

2) They had to cast Jolie’s  own daughter Vivienne as Young Aurora since she was the only girl who was not scared nor intimidated with Maleficent’s black horn and icy cackle. All the other 3 – 4 years old girls were totally terrified of her and wont even come close to her. Some even cried I read somewhere.


3) Hey, we must listen to both of sides of the stories. All these years we have been hearing Aurora’s version, lets give Maleficent a chance shouldn’t we? Hahaha…Based from what I read, Jolie gathered her children to explain on the origin of Maleficent character, which eventually made her children sympathize with the evil character. She even specifically told her children that this was supposed to be a secret. And guess what? A day after telling the stories, Shiloh was caught arguing with another kid over Maleficent and even defended Maleficent by saying “You don’t understand her!” 😛


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