Jibby & Co

photo 1_3Belacan Girl just had another wisdom tooth pulled out, so she was feeling a bit down. Thought we’d try this new cafe  ‘Jibby & Co’ at Empire Subang. (I’ve no idea how she finds out about all these new places. It’s like she has a built-in radar or something.)

So here’s the CheeseBoy review…

Last Sunday, we came about 9.30am, so there were ample parking outside the restaurant. The decor reminded me of some New York warehouse with sun roofs and lots of metal fixtures. We found ourselves getting some morning tan, as the open glass concept let the sunshine in. (Good vitamin D, I guess) So you’d have to come a bit early to beat the queue if you want tables that have some shade.

Here’s the menu:

Jibby & Co Menu 1(Front)

Jibby & Co Menu 2(Back)

We decided to order Egg Florentine and something called ‘The Hangover’. There was no set menu, so the drinks came separately. (Belacan Girl ordered the icy Strawberry Mojo to numb her sore gums, while I ordered normal Americano)

Jibby & Co Egg Florentine(The Egg Florentine)

IMHO, the Egg Florentine was superb! The poached eggs was done just nice, and the spinach and portobello mushrooms were good. Served on Turkish bread, there was some Mediterranean taste to it, and it suited me just fine. However, The Hangover dish was a bit of a let down, presentation-wise. It looked quite messy, but the taste was okay. Poor Belacan Girl couldn’t finish it, since she still had difficulty chewing.

Jibby & Co The Hangover(The Hangover…  Great comfort food.)

Jibby & Co Strawberry Mojo(Our drinks: Strawberry Mojo and Americano)

If you want something different, it doesn’t hurt to give Jibby & Co a try. The guy who served us mentioned that it was their only their 2nd week, so they still had minor operation issues. (Our order came in about 30 minutes, and the drinks even later) He also mentioned that Jibby & Co was part of the Serai group of restaurants. Both of us were relieved, since we’ve been Serai customers for a long, long time. So we’re confident there were no issues on halal-ness there.

Here are some pictures of the deco. I find it quite cool.

photo 1_2

photo 4_1 photo 3_1 photo 5 photo 2

photo 2_3

 (The damage… Ouch!)


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