Introducing Belacan Girl and Cheese Boy!


This blog ( is almost a year old now! And thanks to you our readers, the blog has been getting some unexpectedly, albeit surprising, high visitor traffic. The blog was originally intended for private posts (luahan hati lah!) but never in my wildest dreams did we intend to get subscribers and followers.

It’s time to move on.

Among the highest hits for our posts has been the ‘Belacan Girl Cheese Boy’ post way back in July 2013. Some of our readers commented that we as a couple should blog about ourselves. Especially about how different we are, and our differing views on daily life, etc. We have given it some thought, and what the hey, we also think it’s a cool idea.

So from now on, will be known as I, Belacan Girl, will write on my normal stuff (fashion, food, recipes, girl stuff and whatever) while my hubby, Cheese Boy, will write about things that he thinks is cool. Macho guy stuff, he says. (He’s annoying. Seriously)

We hope that you’ll continue reading and sending us feedback. Have an awesome day wherever you are. Cheerio!

P.S: You can read the Belacan Girl Cheese Boy original post here.


3 thoughts on “Introducing Belacan Girl and Cheese Boy!

      • Ha! I started a couple of blogs but never seemed to be able to get them off the ground! It’s still very cold here! Just ready for spring!

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