Belacan Girl, Cheese Boy


The two MUST HAVE items in the fridge 

Our friends tend to say “You guys are so sweet together! You guys have so many things in common!” Hmm.. So many things in common?! Are you sure about that? My husband and I tend to get this a lot, and whenever people said things like that to us, we tend to communicate telepathically and gave each other a knowing smile. This is because the truth is that we are nothing alike. (We even have different political views and voted for different parties ok!)

Even our first date wasn’t so bad, but the more we go out the more we noticed the differences. He is very into western food and I can’t live without my nasi and sambal belacan! Sheesh. Mac & cheese, pizza and pasta were really not my thing. We compromised. He taught we to enjoy his favorite food and I introduced him to BUDU! Bahahahaa…

Countless of time, I told him that I think we can never make it as we are nothing alike. But I am sure glad today that he had convinced me that opposites attract!

I can clearly remember that when we hungout together I’ll be reading URTV or Media Hiburan (even I don’t read Mangga ok! Too trashy!) and he will be reading stuff like Newsweek or Time. Throughout the time I learned to ditch those trashy materials and learned to read more useful materials (and of course I upgraded to E! :p) . We always learned to meet half way.

FYI, we got married after one and half years of courting and eight years of dating. We thought marriage is going so simple and we thought we knew each other well enough. Oh boy, we were so wrong! We argued over small things like don’t put the wet towel on bed, why did you press the tooth paste like that, I like the lights to be on when I sleep, can you give me more space in the wardrobe?

Cooking was another problem, I had to cook separate dishes to suit each other’s appetite and I find this very tiring and demanding. We quarrel over TV; I need to watch my Korean and Taiwanese series and of course my cerita melayu. He on the other hand doesn’t watch any of those. If I won the remote control, he will decide to be in the computer room. No bonding there 😦

I was also an avid fan of F1, but he found the sport boring. (Nothing more than cars going round and round and round, he says.) So every weekend, whenever I felt like watching F1, he will ask me to go out with him. Sigh… how annoying was that? I don’t quite like football and that was his favorite game to watch. Unlike him, I tolerated that, during early stage of marriage there were even nights when he had his friends come over for football while I decided to doze off.

That’s when TENNIS entered our lives. One day during Australian Open 2006, I caught the match between Marcos Baghdatis and Andy Roddick where unseeded Baghdatis knocked out 2nd seeded Roddick in Round of 16. When hubs came back from work, I can’t stop talking about the match and other matches that I watched. Hubs then made a remark, “I didn’t know you like tennis.” I answered him back “Of course I do! I love Andre Agassi!” (What’s not to like? Boys in shorts are good looking! Hahahaha..) One thing for sure then I like tennis for the looks and not the beauty of the game. That year Baghdatis made it to the final (great breakthrough) but lost to eventual winner Roger Federer. From there on hubs patiently taught me about tennis and today I’m a worse tennis junkie than him. I even know how to calculate the ranking points. Unfortunately my actual tennis game is a not as good my tennis trivia :p

top 4 tennis

My favourite boys

roger federer

Roger Federer in his controversial shoes

We were so happy that we finally found common thing to love. We enjoyed watching and talking about tennis. During tennis off season we’re both so miserable and basically counting days until the next season starts.

We also tolerated each other when it comes to cooking, where we planned our menu ahead. One day will be my dish and the other day will be his. If we are eating malay dishes I’ll be the chef, and if we opt western dishes hubs will be the one who is doing the cooking. We actually liked spending time together in the kitchen. We tend to talk about each other’s day in the office while cooking and updating ourselves with the gossips.

In addition, we found our favourite food together, which is JAPANESE. Every once a month, we will go out for a date and treat ourselves with Japanese food. Our current favourite Japanese restaurant now is Rakuzen at Plaza Damas. But occasionally we would like to treat ourselves at fancier restaurants such as Kampachi, Kogetsu and Genji.

salmon avocado

Salmon Avocado – One of my favourite dish at Rakuzen 

On other tiny issues, we tend to closed one eye. Main thing we must find the middle ground. The imperfection is perfect. Oh well… my definition of love these days is being able to cope with each other’s crappiness.


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