Bowery Petit TTDI

Yay! We always get excited whenever there’s a new eating place, especially in our neighbourhood.

This time around we found a spanking, brand new restaurant called BOWERY PETIT. They just opened yesterday 30 Aug 2015, so we were lucky to be able to come at opening day. Check out the pics below:

Bowery TTDI Bowery TTDI Bowery TTDI


Okay, how about the food? One of the things we’ve discovered is that they serve New York style/inspired pizzas! (And Cheeseboy definitely loves his pizzas) It was great to see a bunch of pizza pies, with various flavours and styles. And they sell by the slice, so it’s easier on the wallet.

Bowery TTDI Pizza Bowery TTDI Pizza Bowery TTDI Pizza

Bowery TTDI Pizza

(Above: Check out the size of that slice!)

They also have a specialty dessert called ‘DULCE DE LECHE SUNDAE’, but we just call it ‘Cupcake in a Cone’. Belacan Girl loved the dessert, of course. There were a bunch of others like macarons, cakes, puffs and pastries, but we were too stuffed already to take it in.

Bowery TTDI Cupcake Cone

(Above: The dessert attraction ‘Cupcake in a Cone’!)

Bowery TTDI Dessert Bowery TTDI Dessert Bowery TTDI Dessert Bowery TTDI Dessert Bowery TTDI Dessert

Bowery TTDI

Check out the menu and price below:

Bowery TTDI Menu IMG_2961 Bowery TTDI Menu


We also love the deco and ambience. It had that chic, yet relaxing atmosphere. The tables have power sockets underneath, so cafe-based-entrepreneurs can actually chill and do some work here. You can sit inside for cooler temperatures, or outside if you prefer a warmer sitting.

Bowery TTDIBowery TTDI

Bowery TTDI


The friendly staff there told us there’s going to be a bigger one a KEN TTDI, but that’s in the future. Meanwhile, if you feel like chilling and having a bite, do come to the BOWERY PETIT. It’s quite good.

48 Persiaran Zaaba
Taman Tun Dr Ismail
60000 Kuala Lumpur
Opening hours: 11am-11pm
Contact: 03-7710 0295


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