My Sulwhasoo Journey

Couple of years ago, I wrote about my excitement on trying Sulwhasoo Ginseng Trial set upon purchasing it here. I even promised to blog about my whole experience, but I obviously did not. But here I am 2 years later, trying to fulfil the promise I’ve made.

Well, I’m not trying to make excuses, but here are the reasons why I was unable to write on my experience. The first reason was, I accidentally dropped the moisturiser which left me with only 1/3 of the trial jar. And secondly, I quit my job to focus on my fertility. Hence, buying an expensive moisturiser was not a priority.

Towards the end of 2017, I suddenly became interested about make-up. (I guess this was my mid-life crisis before turning 40 :P) Instead of buying skin care I ended up buying more make-up.  It was a big mistake. Huge! I should have focused on my skin care instead. Apparently, most primers caused me major break-outs and I also discovered anti ageing and night cream is really bad for those with sensitive skin like me. By end of 2017, I suffered a seriously bad skin allergic reaction. So bad, in fact, that I was advised not to use any skin care products for awhile. Basically, I left my skin bare till mid 2018. Unfortunately, my skin suffered really badly due to the lack of protection.

During my ‘hiatus’, I surveyed a lot of brands. I asked for testers from few brands to weigh my options. My last 2 options were Lamer and of course Sulwhasoo Concentrated Ginseng Renewing Cream.

By May/June 2018, I started using  Sulwhasoo First Care Activating Serum again coupled with few moisturisers (Nutox and Clinique) but there was no vast improvements. But then I got lucky that during CheeseBoy’s birthday in September, he decided to buy  me the full size of Sulwhasoo Concentrated Ginseng Renewing Cream (in original). Yay, lucky me! 😛 (CheeseBoy: Birthday orang dia pulak dapat present! :P)

Within a week after using the whole Ginseng range (I received a whole set ginseng range in travelling size with the purchase of Sulwhasoo Concentrated Ginseng Renewing Cream) I can actually see major improvements on my skin. My skin didn’t feel as dry as before (no more dry patches!).  My skin tone evened out, the pigmentation also improved and there was natural glow.

FYI, Sulwhasoo has always been generous with their samples. So don’t be shy to ask the sales reps for some. I hardly purchased anything anymore without testing the product compatibility with my skin.

Below is the chronology of my skin journey for the past one year:

sulwhasoo journey 001

sulwhasoo journey 002

The first 2 pictures was taken on 13th December 2017. This was when I first started to realise the redness on my skin as well as multiple tiny bumps. 

sulwhasoo journey 003

This was taken on 16th December 2017. The redness slightly subsides but the bumps was still there and it got darker. 

sulwhasso journey 004

17th January 2018. Skin condition was still bad. I even has tiny blood vessels on my nose. I’ve already started using Cetaphil face wash at this point of time. Skin felt less itchy and no tightness feel after cleansing.

sulwhasoo journey 005

sulwhasoo journey 006

23rd January 2018 – Skin was still bad. I was totally clueless on what to do. Living solely on Cetaphil while waiting for my appointment with dermatologist.

sulwhasoo journey 007

sulwhasoo journey 008

26th January 2018 – Skin was so bad, that I didn’t even bothered to wax my upper lips as I was afraid it might aggravate the irritation.

sulwhasoo journe 009

9th February 2018 – Living on hydrocortisone 1% cream. But hydrocortisone can’t be used for a long period of time. As you can see, the bumps there got bigger and darker. Sigh…

sulwhasoo journey 010

15th February 2018 – Living on yoghurt mask.

sulwhasoo journey 011

19th May 2018 – My skin had its good and bad days. Most of the bumps are gone. Notice the redness around the eyes area? I have been told by the doctor to stop using my shades and glasses as they might also gave me allergic reaction.

sulwhasoo journey 012

3rd June 2018 – Started using Sulwhasoo First Activating Serum for a week or two. Skin definitely was more hydrated. I also got myself new glasses and I avoided using my shades except for OOTD shoots.

sulwhasoo journey 013

23rd August 2018 – Still on the Sulwhasoo First Activating Serum, but mixing it with Cinique 72 hour moisture surge and nutox cream. Skin has mostly lost its redness (of course unless the allergies flare up) and the tiny bumps are hardly there anymore. However, skin is lacking glow!

sulwhasoo journey 014

22nd September 2018 – A week before I stared using the Ginseng cream. Skin has definitely improved I also gave up on taking selfies already by then! Haha…

sulwhasoo journey 015

13th October 2018 – Approximately 3 weeks after using the Ginseng cream. Even after pasar and in the midst of cleaning fish the skin was looking healthy. I love the natural glow!

sulwhasoo journey 016

27th October 2018 – My skin survived the cold weather without any trouble. Woohoo!!

sulwhasoo journey 017

8th November 2018 – Told ya, I don’t take selfies anymore! Haha…skin continued to improve.

Sulwhasoo journey 018

30th November 2018 – It was final day of Spring in Melbourne. Despite the travelling and weather changes my skin didn’t cause me any trouble.

sulwhasoo journey 019

27th December 2018 – After 3 months of using, the redness marks/bumps on my face has almost gone. Sorry peeps, I don’t have any better pictures to show the skin improvements.  A good improvement I must say since the redness/marks on my face was there about 7/8 months.

sulwhasoo journey 020

16th January 2019 – Here’s my recent picture. I hope a little make up wont do harm to my skin. No primer, no concealer. Just BB cushion and loose powder will do.

In my humble opinion, nothing will take away the wrinkle fine lines (Ok well, maybe a time machine and some botox perhaps). But this whole skincare routine did produce tremendous result for my skin. The only setback for this range is the strong herbs (ginseng) scents. Once my colleague was complaining why there’s ginseng smell in the office. But I’m slowly getting used to the scent and so does CheeseBoy.

The verdict? As long as my financial permits it, I think I’m going to continue using this range as I’m absolutely in love with it! Worth every penny spent!

Anyways, if you are wondering here are the products that I’ve been using :


  1. Sulwhasoo First Activating Serum – 60ml – RM278
  2. Sulwhasoo Concentrated Ginseng Renewing Water – 200ml – RM300
  3. Sulwhasoo Concentrated Ginseng Renewing Emulsion – 200ml – RM330
  4. Sulwhasoo Concentrated Ginseng Renewing Cream – 60ml – RM750
  5. Sulwhasoo Hydro-Aid Moisturising Soothing Protection Fluid – 50ml – RM193

I know the price is on the high end side, but to me it’s really worth it. I don’t mind not getting any new Duck scarves or new clothes as long as I can continue purchasing this! 😛 In order to win some you have to lose some. And these days I’d rather invest on myself!  Plus each of the items can last for pretty long time. For me it could at least last for 4 months.

What’s actually missing from my routine is Sulwhasoo Concentrated Ginseng Renewing Serum. The price is RM690 per bottle for 50ml. Too pricey for me to get the whole range. But honestly, the result is much better if you added the serum to the routine. I’m considering dropping the water and emulsion from the routine and to add on the serum. But I know the results wouldn’t be the same as using the whole range. Sigh… why do you have to be so expensive?!


(Image source:

Oh, just an additional info, my skin totally can’t take Sulwhasso Herbal Soap. Upon using it my skin had a burning feeling and after that whatever I put on my skin tend to irritate it. So thats one item that doesn’t suit me from the Sulwhasoo brand.

Note: I’ve discovered that besides South Korea, Malaysia has the cheapest price for Sulwhasoo products. Unfortunately, I’ve recently received e-mail from Sulwashoo Malaysia stating that their prices will increase by February 2019 and now is the best time to stock-up.

Here is another tip, I’ve also discovered that Sulwhasoo products are way cheaper at Singapore airports compared to Malaysia counters. So when I came back from my Singapore trip in November I decided to stock up.

sulwhasoo journey 021

I bought this set for only RM490, and if I were to get this in KL it will cost me RM630. That was some huge savings I tell ya!

sulwhasoo journey 022

2 x 60ml First Activating Serum for only RM380. Normally per bottle will cost me RM278. Can we please go to Singapore now CheeseBoy?!



6 thoughts on “My Sulwhasoo Journey

  1. Ahhh you’ve discovered my secret…cecece 😀 I actually love the ginseng smell, relaxing. Yes get the serum when you can!

  2. Can u give me the steps of whiCh one to use first for the ginseng range .. i bought the cleanser ..received samples of facial oil water emulsion n serum of the ginseng range

    • Hi Shadzrena, for Sulwhasoo beginners I will always recommend First Activating Serum first. It’s Sulwhasoo core product. If you want to opt for Ginseng range, go for their Concentrated Ginseng Renewing Cream and pair it with Concentrated Ginseng Renewing Serum. When I first started, I bought the cream first followed by the renewing serum. Best to try 1 new product at a time. Of course, if you want the best result you can add on Ginseng Renewing Water and Emulsion later. I’ve also added Overnight Vitalizing Mask into my routine recently and I love it. It really helps me with the hydration issue. I am not really a fan of Sulwhasoo’s cleanser though. I have sensitive skin and the cleanser is a bit too harsh for me. So I pakai Cetaphil je for cleanser.

  3. Hi, thank u for the sharing. Love it. Btw may I know, usually when will you stock up after buying the full set of yours%€

    • Hi Syida, glad that you find the post helpful! I normally repurchase after 3 – 4 months. Sulwhasoo has great membership program. I would normally stock-up during my birthday month because you’ll be given double membership points. Now is a great to buy too as some of the items are on 15% sale at Sephora. Do check out KLCC outlet too, because this weekend and next weekend, they are having 10% sale.

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