My Favourite Salad!

I’m not really sure what this salad is called, but my mom taught me how to do it and she actually learned to make it from a friend who used to live in Mecca. They actually make this salad to go with their all sorts of nasi arab.

salad ingredients

Sugar and Salt

The Ingredients 

Cucumber, tomatoes, lemon, onions  coriander leaves, red chili ,cili api (bird eye chilies) – this is an option though, sugar and salt for taste

How to make?

First, dice the cucumber and tomatoes. Slice the onions, chilies and chop the coriander leaves. Place them in a bowl. Add sugar, salt and lemon juice.

Add lemon

Tips: To maximize the lemon juice extracts, roll the lemon first before you cut them into two. Use a fork to extract the juices.

Just mix all the ingredients and taadaaaa its done!

My favourite salad

This salad is perfect partner for curry dishes. And today we had fish curry for dinner 🙂

Fish Curry

(CheeseBoy: Weiii…. How you expect me to lose weight like this? 😛 )


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