Bigfood JB

Within a month, I’ve traveled to Johor Bahru for total number of three times for various reasons, such as attending wedding receptions, business meetings and site visits. To be honest, I don’t mind in the slightest because I have always enjoyed the food in JB. Trips to Angsana Mall for Mee Rebus Haji Wahid and  Asam Pedas Botak are always welcomed!

During my JB trip last Merdeka holiday, my cousins tapau for us some nasi goreng from Malay Village and a dish called ‘Supreme Grill’ they got from a new place called Bigfood. The supreme grill tasted not bad at all and the portion was rather generous.  Therefore, during my most recent working trip, I made a decision to drop by BigFood to dine there and experience the food first hand.

Here are some of things ordered 🙂


I love this Asam Boi Ice Blended. Flashback – Feel like you’re having the asam boi ice-cream


Bigfood’s version of Mee Raja


Nasi Goreng Ketam – It’s pedas, so Belacan Girl loves it!


This Mamamia sandwich is a bit disappointing though. They should just grill the sandwich straightaway, not toast and then grill.


Congo bars for me, my comment is I have tasted better

If you are contemplating to visit the place soon, below are the pictures of menu for your reference.

Bigfood004 Bigfood006 Bigfood007 Bigfood008 Bigfood009 Bigfood010 Bigfood011 Bigfood012 Bigfood013

To be honest, I think this place is trying to replicate Murni and Williams in KL, but they have to improve their menu and the taste of food. Love the ambiance and the variety, as well as the big portion served. I think this place can be better given time; it’s got potential. (CheeseBoy and I have been fans of Murni since 13-14 years ago, and we have witnessed how Murni has grown throughout the years.)





Oh before I forget, below is the address for Bigfood:

BigFood Restaurant
Jalan Kolam Air 1, Taman Nong Chik, Johor Bahru



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