Under the weather


I have been not well for the past 1 week. This is really sucks! Been off from work for 3 days this month alone 😦  Really not good…and when I’m at work I’m a bit SLOW…

It started from sinus infection to fever, extremely bad sore throat and coughing. There’s certainly lots of nasty green phlegm involved (eewww…). To make matter worse, I have also spread my germs to my hubs, and now he is in a lousier condition…poor him…

Since we’re both out, the already messy house got messier and I have not been cooking for the past week. Thankfully we only live 5  minutes apart from my parents where we can actually have food delivered to us or someone fetch me so that I can tapau food for us 😛 Alhamdullilah,  I’m feeling the love…hehehehe… Thanks Mum, you really are a life saver!

I really hope that I’m gonna get better by tonight as I have cooking class to attend tomorrow morning. Rolling the bread dough and having your nose dripping is really ain’t cool!


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