The Handbag Bet

Couple of months ago my husband and I had a bet, should I able to lose 15 kg, he will buy me a “nice” handbag. Very enticing indeed!

I am blessed to have a husband who accepts me just the way I am (despite my many, many flaws!). Not once he made a remark that I have to lose weight because I don’t look good nor me being overweight us is an embarrassment to him. He is the kind of guy, who believes a woman is beautiful based on how she carries herself. Hence, his request for me to lose weight was totally not a selfish act.


The truth is, I’ve been told by doctors countless of time to lose weight due to so many reasons: I’m having back pain, knee pain, asthma, I have diabetic history in the family and most importantly it’s causing me hormone imbalance which making it harder for me to conceive.

Losing weight has always been a struggle for me especially after I breach the age of 30. I’ve tried losing weight many, many times in the past. The moment I was able to lose 3-4kg, I got very excited and decided to reward myself for doing so well. I start indulging on my favourite food – rice and all those sinful desserts! Once I start, I can never stop. So eventually I have to start all over again. Sigh…

Back to the bet story, after my clinic visit couple of months ago, Hubs said “Enough is enough, you need motivation to lose weight I’ll buy you a handbag! But no more than 10 seconds of saying that, he quickly said but my budget is only 2k, anything more than that you have to top up yourself! Hahahahha… Beginning to regret your offer dear? 😉

So…how much weight have I lost? The answer is NONE! As the matter of fact I think I’ve gained 2kg! (Of course, I lost 2kg in the beginning and I decided to reward myself yet again!) My little brother who started dieting same time as me has to date lost more than 10kg…aiyaiyaiyai…big slap to my face.

So I thought, I need to re-motivate myself and I had this conversation with my husband last week:

            Me: Remember about bet?

            Husband: Yes…why?

Me: I have a new proposition; I think I need to have a better motivation to lose weight… so why don’t you buy me the new handbag first? I promised that I won’t use it till I’ve lost the promised 15 kg  I just need to see it in front of my eyes. U can put it in a glass display and have it lock!

Husband: Are u telling me that I have to spend more money to buy lots of locks on top of the bag I’m getting you? Forget it! 

Sheesh, he is really getting pretty good at catching my tricks. Oh well at least I’ve tried. Since that doesn’t work, I need to work on Plan B. Plan B is to short list my possible rewards. I have shortlisted 2  and they are:


Prada Galleria Saffiano Lux in Cameo


LV – Alma PM in Rouge Fauviste

I shortlisted these 2 bags simply because:

  •    The design is pretty much a classic one
  •    Its versatile, both bags can go with jeans and traditional gear

This is especially important if you have limited resources. Good bags last for a long time. If you buy design that is seasonal, chances are few years down the road people will be able to tell that your bag is so last season, so it’s best to get a classic design. But of course unless you have unlimited cash, you can always purchase and parade your new conquest like every 3 months. But for people like me, I need to carefully plan what and when to buy.

So by looking at this post, I hope I will keep on reminding myself of what I have to achieve. I can see really myself doing this. Good luck to me! Hahahaha…

lost weight cartoon 2


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