Friends for Life

Several years ago I closed my business after 3 years of running it. Not just I emptied my bank account, I was also very much in debt. I guess that’s what happens if you run a business in an area of which you are not familiar with.

It was basically a dark time for me. And when I told some friends of my on my situation, believe it or not some actually smile gleefully. (true friends eh?) I had to start all over again, entered the work market after being out of it for so long. I started my working as a mere executive again. Alhamdullilah, now I five years later I’ve earned my MBA and holds a better position and my debts are getting smaller. 

True that I was disassociating myself from friends back then. Hey, I have to save up and pay debts, as well as  finance my MBA. Hanging out with my friends at fancy places was too luxurious for me. Alhamdullilah, despite my bad situation there were several friends who stuck by me. Friends who constantly called and ask us how we were doing and gave their continuous support and words of encouragement. Friends who don’t look at you materially, and to them it doesn’t matter whether you are driving Volkswagen Beetle or just Satria buruk. Friends who doesn’t see us often but always keep in touch and understand that we need our time to recover. I was also lucky to be blessed with very loving and supportive family.

Yes, there are blessings from going through hard times that you’ll get to see who your true friends are. Always appreciate those who were there for you during thick and thin. Don’t worry if you don’t have hundreds of friends, because in the end quality is always better than quantity. Don’t bother about people who don’t even care about you.Good friends bring the best out of you. Reciprocate the kindness that you have received and always be nice to others, InsyaAllah you will have a good feeling and be at ease.



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