Ayam Cabai Hijau

I must say that both CheeseBoy and I are facing a bit of writer’s block this week. We can’t seem to find any topic suitable to talk about, and the mood everywhere is quite somber. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of people out there who are worried, sad or at least baffled over the fate of their family members and friends on board the still-missing Malaysian Airlines MH370. We also certainly want to avoid any sensitive issues at the moment, and especially avoided talking about MH370 with fear that we might accidentally speculate. Nonetheless, both CheeseBoy and I are still glued to our TV and gadgets hoping to catch some glimpse of good news.

And now to make the matter worse, the HAZE IS BACK! CheeseBoy and I prefer to stay indoors as much as we can (I’m asthmatic; the last haze caused me some health issues). So staying indoors would normally mean having home cook meal on daily basis. Few days ago I decided to try out Ayam Masak Cabai Hijau. It’s actually my brother in law’s favourite dish, and I got the recipe from my sister.

ach 001.3

Basically all you need are onions, garlics, green chilies and if you want it spicier, just add a little bit of cili padi.

ach 002

The cube is an option. You don’t have to put it if you don’t want to. I only use a pinch of it.

ach 003

We need chicken of course. Just marinate it with turmeric and salt and deep fry it.

ach 004

Just blend the onions, garlic, green chilis (and cili api) until it becomes a smooth, spice paste. If you are rajin enough, you can use pestle and mortar for a more traditional feel. I would normally opt for chopper/food processor.

ach 005

Heat a bit of oil in a wok and saute the spice paste until fragrant. At this point you can add the chicken cube and/or salt according to your preference. Add the fried chicken and saute until the colour changes.

ach 006

Voila! Done, so simple right? 😛


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