Frisky Goat

There are more and more new eating spots opening in our neighbourhood, popping out just like mushrooms. Recently a cafe called Frisky Goat has opened its door to the public. As of our visit a couple of weeks ago Frisky Goat serves all day breakfast from 8am to 5pm. We heard they will be extending their business hours to 11pm soon and they will also add new items to the menu.

frisky goat 010

frisky goat 016

Typically whenever we visit we a new place, we like to order priciest item on the menu. Why? The most expensive item means it should taste good, if the most expensive item is not worthy of its price, then don’t bother ordering other items in the menu.  So we ordered something called Big Breakfast (I’m not too sure on this. Forgot to take picture on the menu. Can’t really remember the name of item that we ordered. Bad thing of procrastinating my blog on this…sigh). What’s the review? Here goes…

I was initially annoyed because our food took more than half an hour to arrive, but this is the reason why:

frisky goat 017

The place was full house, even after only 1 week of business. We were lucky to secure a seat at the corner end of the cafe.

frisky goat 001

CheeseBoy ordered Americano. He said it was good. (I find it too strong that even the smell alone was enough to cause me migraine.) But I’ll just take CheeseBoy’s word for that.

frisky goat 003

I ordered English Breakfast instead and was so happy that they served TWG tea there. Yay! A French guy there (not sure if he’s the owner or one of the workers?) gave me a tip where to put the tea bag in the hot water for only 1 minute (2 max) and it was a great tip indeed. The colouring of tea and taste of tea was perfect. Again, I forgot to take picture of it though. Sigh…

frisky goat 006

frisky goat 009

frisky goat 014

We ordered the same thing, with the exception of eggs choice, scrambled for me and sunny side up for CheeseBoy.

I love the scrambled eggs! It is not dry but its not wet either, just a perfect balance (I hate watery scrambled eggs because they will usually cause my bread to be soggy). I expected the beef bacon to be extra salty (as they normally are), but it was not. (Another plus point there for Frisky Goat.) The sausage was grilled instead of boiled and it was not oily either. I also love the bread that they used. The mushroom was sauted quite nicely too. I’m also glad that they don’t serve hash brown (Seriously it is so hard to get a good one over here)  but they used potato wedge/cube instead. The salad was alright; the dressing didn’t drown the vegetables, but it was just nice.

I thought of ordering dessert but I was just so full from one meal. For RM24 for the breakfast set, the taste and portion was worth every sen spent. Suddenly, waiting for more than 30 minutes become acceptable 😛 Here are some of the desserts served there:

frisky goat 015

frisky goat 013

 I actually had some of the pastries for take-away and it was not bad either 🙂

Anyway, when I asked for CheeseBoy’s review on his breakfast he said “Fantastic!” 😛 Phew…another place to eat that’s so close to home. We will definitely make another visit soon and I ‘ll make sure I’l order Red Opera cake next (InsyaAllah). I find the raspberry-strawberry flavour kind of unique. By the way, did I tell ya that I love their blue door?

frisky goat 012

(Very Notting Hill. Shop with the blue door.)


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