Common Courtesy

Cheese Boy and I no longer watch movies at the cinema as often as we used to. Partially, it is  due to age factor 😛 We can’t stand midnight shows anymore! Twice we attempted and we both ended up sleeping halfway through the movie.  We have become very choosy over what movie to watch. If we are watching a movie, the movie must be worth it (at least in our opinion) to drag us out of the house. We really value our precious time these days. Besides that, we are so old now that once we reach the house; we don’t feel like going out anymore. And if we are watching any movie, we will plan it ahead. Tickets would be normally bought via the TGV or GSC mobile app and we would get ourselves at least a couple seat.

Last Friday was a different story, neither CheeseBoy nor I want to be stuck in the massive evening traffic jam, so we decided to take a detour and have a pit stop at KLCC. CheeseBoy suggested for us to check on available movies and we decided to watch Captain America, as the show time at 8.45 pm was perfect for us. It was not too early and not too late. Since we bought the ticket at the last minute, we quickly rushed to Mc’D for our quick dinner. (Macam zaman dating dulu-dulu pulak 😉 )

Common Courtesy 1

We can’t remember when was the last time we queued for a movie.

common courtesy 2

Bored in line. We certainly need more practice with selfies 😛 

When we got to our seats I was so happy that no one took up the seats behind us. Well…not for long. Just as the movie was about to start, along came a couple who were so loud and unlucky us, the couple occupied the seats behind us. Sigh, they were late and rough. Right from the moment they sat down, this couple couldn’t stop kicking our seats. I was like seriously?!! I can tolerate people talking, I can still tolerate whenever the girlfriend made some “rat” noises whenever she was impressed over a certain scene. (They are definitely not married, I can tell it from their conversations. It was so obvious that they were trying to impress each other) But kicking the seats in front of you is a big no-no to me. I glared to the couple twice, but they totally ignored me. So I decided to give them my two cents. The boyfriend were so annoyed that he said “Kecohlah” to me. Yes, I can be very pushy at times. Oh well, at least they both stop kicking our seats.

Kicking seats, answering calls, munching loudly, putting feet up on seats, spoiler alerts are just pet peeves to be avoided during movie. Do have some common courtesy peeps. It doesn’t take a genius to know all these. If you think you can’t confine yourself, just watch the  movies at home, because you will rob people’s money and time.

Btw, besides the annoying couple I think Captain America – The Winter Soldier is not bad at all. Robert Redford rocks!



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