Who Wore It Better? Thor Vs. Superman

Believe it or not both hubs and I love watching Fashion Police together. We find it so hilarious that we consider it as sitcom and we think Fashion Police is second funniest sitcom after How I Met Your Mother (based on current running of course). It’s amazing to see how Joan Rivers gets away with her nasty jokes 😛 The whole gang is just the best Fashion Police team by far.

Fashion Police - Season: 2012

We love the segment “Bitch Stole My Look” too. Below are some examples of fashion rip-offs among celebrities. Hilarious!


Kim K vs Lady Gaga and Katy Perry

bitch-stole-my-look-leann-kim-kardashian-jennifer-hudson-112113 (1)

Leann Rimes vs Kim K vs Jennifer Hudson

Somehow this weekend we watched some Thor : The Dark World (courtesy of Astro Best). As awesome as that movie was, there was a Bitch Stole My look moment. What do you think?


Both donning the red cape. Who wore it better? 😛


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