Triumph In the Skies 2

I can’t remember when was the last time I followed HK TV series, but recently a colleague of mine recommended me a show called Triumph In the Skies 2. Fret not if you haven’t watch the first part (I didn’t also) cause they tend to explain what happened in the first part (The first part of the show was produced like 10 years ago). The only cast that I could recognize from this show are Francis Ng and Chilam. But Chilam as Captain Jayden Koo or Captain Cool is really cool! I think the show portrays the airlines world most accurately and I managed to learn a thing or two from the show. There are really a lot of sub-plots in the show but the story certainly getting more interesting by the episodes. In total there will be 43 episodes and we are at 15th episode now. I’m finally looking forward to Mondays again now 😀


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