Raya 2015

Salam and hello to all BGCB readers. We hope it is not too late for us to wish all of you Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri and Maaf Zahir Batin.

How’s your Raya so far? CheeseBoy and I both had a good raya, tiring, but a good one. Alhamdullilah.

This raya is extra special for me, because after almost 38 years of living, I finally managed to weave the ketupat! Yay!

I seriously feel like this is one of my best achievement ever!

Raya 2015 001

Special thanks for my colleague Hes who patiently taught me how to weave. I owe you babe! 

Due to the achievement (Chewah!) CheeseBoy rewarded me with #theweaveduck in blue. Double yay!

Raya 2015 004

This raya is also special, because instead of beraya-ing at my parents or CheeseBoy’s mom, my in-laws came beraya at our home. We became the host for the first time. So after two days of working hard preparing dishes like ketupat, rendang daging, rendang kerang and kuah kacang ayam at my parents place, I arrived home at midnight during Raya eve to continue cooking for my in laws. If kuah kacang ayam is my family’s tradition, it is customary for CheeseBoy’s family to have Sup Tulang for Hari Raya. That was additional 4 hours of cooking peeps! But in the end, it all worth it when you get to see these people enjoying their food.

Raya 2015 002

Raya 2015 003

Raya 2015 012

We’ve been craving for this cake from Jaslyn’s for weeks, so we decided to order the whole cake for raya. 

Here are some of random pictures from our first day of Hari Raya.

Raya 2015 008

Raya 2015 016Raya 2015 009

Raya 2015 010

Raya 2015 013

Raya 2015 014 Raya 2015 015

Raya 2015 011

Mugshot kinda family photo #layankanjelah 

After my in laws left, we made a move to my parents’ place (which is only 5 minutes away from ours). This is the beauty of having both sides of family living close by. I doubt I will be interested with CheeseBoy if he is from a far away state…bahahaha 😛

We went back to my father’s kampung in Kuala Selangor visiting relatives on second day of hari raya but have to rush back to KL as my uncles and aunts and their clans decided to beraya at my parents (more cooking peeps!) And the third day raya it was another entertaining day as my mother in law hosted an open house at her place.

Below are my ootd (so called) for raya 🙂

Raya 2015 007

Day1 : I simply love this bespoke outfit from Mimpikita Lebaran 

Raya 2015 005

Day 2: Since I’m half Terengganu, traditional baju kurung made of hand drawn batik Terengganu is my fashion staple for hari raya. Oh, I am also madly in love with this rose tea satin silk from Duck Scarves.

Raya 2015 006

Day 3: Open house at MIL’s place. I ditched baju kurung for bibik’s duty 🙂

I am back to work since Thursday, whereas CheeseBoy is enjoying his long break still. But since I’m jealous of him, I insisted that he send me to the office. I think I am also done with entertaining, and now it is turn for me to beraya at others. Nonetheless, I am glad that I survived all the ordeals especially none of us (me, my mom nor my my mother in law) have a maid plus CheeseBoy can’t really do much of heavy duty work as he is still recovering from his dislocated shoulder! It was amazing how we managed survive solely on adrenaline. Nothing beats being surrounded with your love ones and good food!


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