Belacan Girl’s Rules for Buying Fine Items

Like any other girls (ok fine, women), I do fancy fine, luxury items. I would be a total hypocrite if I said I don’t fancy Chanel or Dior handbags. However, money doesn’t fall from the sky for me. I need to be careful on what I purchase, especially if it involves a huge sum of money. Should I ‘invest’ my money (or CheeseBoy’s) on an expensive item, I’d like to ensure that it is something that I can use for a very long time. So, I’ve set a few rules before purchasing luxury goods.

1. Stick to Classic Designs. Avoid Trendy Products 

Always, always stick to classic design. For that, I normally avoid buying Gucci handbags because I can’t remember a single Gucci handbags that end-up being an iconic bag. I have also stopped buying Prada (used to be crazy over them) because of the drop in quality. (But I would say their nylon quality is still good.)

The Chanel Black Jumbo Classic Double Flap Bag in Caviar with Gold Hardware (what a mouthful!) had always been in my wish list.  Another one is of course Lady Dior Lambskin bag in black. (Only God knows when I can actually afford to buy them :P) I know that Dior Saddle is in trend. Hence because it is exactly in trend that I am not considering it. (Plus I used to own a Dior Saddle, but I sold it when my business went bad.) But hey, if you like it, don’t let my post stop you. To each her own.

In my opinion, another piece luxury of item that is worth investing is LV Speedy (my personal favourite is in size 30) The bag doesn’t cost as much as Lady Dior or Chanel classic but its a great everyday bag. A bit of history here: the Speedy was designed in 1930 as a smaller interpretation of Keepall bag. In fact, Speedy was actually the very first handbag from LV (as you well know, they first made trunks and luggages). The current sizes available for Speedy was made popular by Audrey Hepburn (she requested for the sizes!)

Notice that black will always be part of the criteria of my wish list items? That is because I know myself too well. I’m a clumsy person, and therefore anything in light colours would not last. God knows how much I crave for a pink, beige, cream or even white handbags! But if you are the more careful type and money is not an issue, go ahead chase for your dream items!

But I won’t say that I don’t own any seasonal items at all. I do own Chanel Executive Cerf Tote that I’ve worn for a very long time. I chose it because the elegant and simplicity of the design. And yet it is versatile at the same time. I wore it for daily use and it fits almost all types of outfit.

To summarise, classic handbag designs normally stand the test of time. They last longer and they will look good for most occasions. So, I’ll just stick to the classics.

chanel cert tote

Here’s how new Chanel Executive Cerf Tote looks like

(Image Credit:

belacan girl in chanel executive cerf tote

Here hows the tote looks like after I ‘belacan-ed’ it!

2. No Stilettos 

Haha… I think this rule is most hardest to follow by most ladies. I’ve taken a lot of OOTDs, and I realised my pictures are better when I don the heels (by heels I mean 2 inches hahaha…) compared to me wearing sneakers or flats. During our recent Europe trip I was so tempted to get myself a pair of Jimmy Choos (check the picture below) but CheeseBoy asked me the magic question “How often are you going to wear it? Once or twice a year? Nak pakai pergi mana, balik kampung?” #annoyinghusband

jimmy choo - silver and dusk blue fireball glitter

This is not even a high heels peeps. More like kitten heels, even that CheeseBoy questions my choice. But I guess he has the point. But still, its so gorgeous right?

So to me, if I want to ‘invest’ on a good pair of shoes I’ve always prefer Ferragamo Vara Pumps and Varina shoes. I have a wide foot (no thanks to my weight gain), so I’ve always asked for D cut as it wider and comfier for me. I also dislike patent leather, as the colours might run and it’s harder and less comfy for my feet. These 2 shoes are so timeless, and you can just wear them with anything – baju kurung/kebaya, office suits and even jeans. You can wear them from day to night all year round. (Plus, I’m never a girlie-girlie type. I didn’t even wear high heels on my wedding day!)


Look at my choice of shoes for my wedding day. It was only 2 inches heel.

belacan girl in vara

Me wearing Vara Pumps

belacan girl in varina

Me in Varina.

Oh besides Ferragamo, I also love Bally shoes. I still have a pair from 10 years ago!

3. Avoid Buying Small Leather Goods

When I was younger (in my 20s especially), I somehow think it is important to have a lot of everything and that includes small leather goods. I used to owe at least 5 wallets at single point of time (really? why?!). Honestly if you ask me today, I can’t remember how I managed to find the time to switch my items from one wallet to another. These days I stick to one wallet. The last wallet that I had was Prada Saffiano Wallet which lasted for 10 years before it was stolen (~tears~). Then I decided to switch to another classic piece, the LV monogram.

prada saffiano wallet

The Prada Saffiano wallet was the birthday gift CheeseBoy got me for my 31st birthday. The quality was really good compared to current quality.

lv monogram wallet

My current wallet. Still in bonding stage. I still miss my old wallet. Damn you pick pocketer!

Like I said earlier, whenever we switch handbags we need to transfer the contents of the bag as well. Do you really like to go through the hassle of switching items in your small leather goods as well? To me it is sufficient for me to own, 1 good wallet, 1 good card holder (my current one is Celine that my sister gifted me 16 years ago), 1 coin purse (if you need one), 1 wristlet and perhaps 1 small pouch bag to store your items like keys and make-ups. To me the rule is simple, if the item serves the same function, you don’t need more than one. Of course, you can buy a new one when replacement is due.

4. Buy Little Make-up, Focus on Skin Care

Like I’ve mentioned in my previous post, at one stage I went nuts on buying make-up. I’m glad that stage has ended. And bear in mind, these luxury make-up items are not cheap. A single lipstick could easily cost you up to RM200. Let’s face it, there will always be new a collection for make-up, new limited edition items, new collaborations and you can never keep-up (unless you are a collector) . These make-ups also have expiry dates. To me, a mascara is something that I will only keep for 3 months after that off to garbage bin you go. So there’s no point for me to spend so much money on it. A basic Maybelline mascara will do for me. Plus, I am so bad with make-up (it is a skill that I can never master), I think I’d rather spend my money on good skin care. Moreover, if you have good skin, make-up is not mandatory.  So, for make up I am applying the similar rule as the small leather goods, one for each usage will do – 1 foundation, 1 blusher, 1 eye shadow palette. Ok fine, lipsticks and lip gloss is something that I find hard to resist. Maybe we should make an exception for them?

5. Don’t Buy Custom Jewellery

First of all, I hardly buy any jewellery at all. Like I’ve mentioned earlier, I’m never the girlie type. I do own 1 Chanel brooch that I bought as birthday gift for myself, but I lost it.  CheeseBoy then bought me a new one for my birthday 2 years back. In the past, I was obsessed about Celine and Dior so I tend to buy their custom jewellery but they didn’t last. So I’ve stopped buying them. I guess its best to follow the advice of ‘mak-mak’. Get yourselves real gold jewellery. At least it has resell value.

As a conclusion, what matters is Know Yourself. Learn about your personal style and preference as well as your body type. What looks good on others may not necessarily suit you. You don’t have to be afraid of being yourself. Being trendy is not necessarily the best. Being classic on the other hand is timeless!

Til my next post. Happy shopping peeps!



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