Jibby Chow

We’ve been wanting to eat pretty authentic halal Chinese cuisine for quite awhile now. (You know the one that don’t serve kangkung goreng belacan) We’ve been going to Homst a lot, but we would like to try something different and something that won’t cost us a bomb (In case someone mentions Lai Po Heen *drool*). Chinese food are not cheap, peeps!

Out of curiosity we decided to give Jibby Chow a try. Jibby Chow is a new sister company by Jibby Group (Jibby and Co.) serving halal Chinese cuisine. I hope I can do them justice for this review since we visited them few months ago.

To fulfill our cravings for duck (not duck scarves), we decided to order “Pulled Spiced Roasted Duck, Steamed Mantao, XO Sauce, Julienne Cucumber and Pressed Plum Jam” To us it was okay, but definitely not our favourite dish of the night. CheeseBoy insisted that it reminds him of pau (he dislikes pau) and he thinks the portion was a little too small (err…hence it is called appetizer dear!)

Jibby Chow 1

Being greedy us, we also ordered Crispy Murray River Salt and Pepper Soft Shell Crap, but it ended up as one of our main dishes. We loved this soft shell dish! It was crispy on the outside and juicy in the inside. We also loved the generous portion!

Jibby Chow 2

The steam fish was the main reason the led us to Jibby Chow. It was so really good and worth every penny spent!

Jibby Chow 3

Jibby Chow 6

The veggies was CheeseBoy’s favourite. We ordered Wok Fried King Oyster Mushrooms, Enoki, Shitake and Australian Baby Spinach. Yummy!

Jibby Chow 4

CheeseBoy also ordered fried rice Char Siew Chicken, Spring Onion and Egg. According to him it was good.

Jibby Chow 5

The Deco

We kind of like the minimalist design. The place is spacious. Jibby Chow 7

Jibby Chow 8Jibby Chow 9

Jibby Chow 10

Jibby Chow 12

The Menu

As I’m writing this post, I realized we are missing a page of the menu and that would be the SEAFOOD! (Sighh…this is the sort of problem we faced whenever we waited too long to blog on food review.) Jibby Chow actually serves chili crab along with steamed and fried mantao. But the minimum order for chili crab is 1kg so we think we need to wait until we have the full quorum to join us here. Meanwhile, I hope the menu below would be helpful to you guys (click on them to enlarge).

Jibby Chow Menu - Starter

Jibby Chow Menu - Poultry, Beef and Lamb

Jibby Chow Menu - Live Fish and Vegetables

Jibby Chow Menu - Rice & Noodles and Desserts

Jibby Chow Menu - Mocktails and Beverages

Updated: 1 November 2016


Hi peeps, here is the missing page menu.

Since my last post, I have been to Jibby Chow several times with different sets of people.

Below are some other items that we ordered from the menu:


The Chilli Crab. Love the gravy, cant tell whether the crab is fresh or not. I’m allergic to crab :p


The Salted Egg Prawn. Yummeh!

img_5001The happy face 🙂


The damage 😛

So if you need to head up to Jibby Chow soon, below are the contact details for your reference.

Jibby Chow

Lot G-02 Courtyard Mall

Jalan SS15/46, SS15

47500 Subang Jaya

Tel: 03-56127072

Open daily from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m.


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