Cheese Shopping

Cheese Shopping 5

Whenever we go for our monthly grocery shopping, Cheese is definitely one item that we won’t miss. We don’t usually buy just one type of cheese, but several of them!

Parmesan to go with pasta, blue cheese to go with burger or hot dog, cheddar block for cold cheese sandwiches, process cheddar for cheese toast (with tomatoes of course!) and sliced cheese for tuna melt or cold tuna sandwiches.

These are the basic cheese that we must have at home, but at times we can go overboard with our cheese shopping, for instance the cracker barrel below:

 Cracker Barrel

I also love Emborg’s cube feta in oil. Its perfect for salad dressing.



We are now glad that we discovered Bega cheese, because the price is affordable and the taste is just as good as others. (Oh, but I love Emborg’s cheddar block. It’s super good!)

And did I tell you that CheeseBoy is good making sandwiches? If we are having sandwiches for lunch or dinner, he will be wearing the chef’s hat 😀


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