Three Little Birds Coffee

It’s year end (oops, already new year) and both CheeseBoy and I are having hectic schedules. It’s time for budget, business plan, new product reviews and etc, etc. Due to this, neither CheeseBoy nor I can apply for long leaves until end of January 2015. (Strangely in our line of work, the hectic times are end year periods) This is exactly why we like to unwind by trying out new coffee places on Saturday or Sunday mornings. (Hahaha…I don’t take coffee though, so tea it is for me.)

Our recent discovery (ok not-so-recent) we knew about Three Little Birds Coffee months ago and been wanting to go there for ages, but we only finally made it there 3 weeks ago for a quick breakfast. So below is what we ordered 🙂

Three Little Birds Coffee 001

I love the Long Red, very strong tea indeed. And the salmon croissant is really good too. Instead of the usual salad in the sandwich, they paired the smoked salmon with green apple slices. Definitely not a bad combo at all. The green apple slices added an interesting sourish zing to it. The croissant salmon and drinks came in a set at only RM17.00. Definitely worth the value!

Another plus point, they serve Last Polka Ice-Cream there. My all time favourite is of course Salted Gula Melaka. Decided to have one, so who cares if it was 10.00 in the morning 😛

Three Little Birds Coffee 003

Thank God for the good food and coffee or else someone will get cranky over having to drive all over to Sentul for breakfast 🙂

Here are some other pictures for your viewing:

Three Little Birds Coffee 005

Cakes, pastries, sandwiches and juices galore!

Three Little Birds Coffee 006

The counter and friendly staff!
Three Little Birds Coffee 007Seatings inside the cafe
Three Little Birds Coffee 009

But we definitely love the outside ambiance of the cafe. Simply beautiful and relaxing.

Three Little Birds 004

It’s so beautiful that I can’t resist to take OOTD despite being very comot 🙂 Love the natural lights!

The damages 🙂

Anyways, in case you’re wondering where Three Little Birds Coffee is located, below is the address for your reference:

Three Little Birds Coffee
D7 Jalan Sentul,
Sentul, 51000  Kuala Lumpur


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