Cakes, Wonderful Cakes at Nutmeg Bangsar

Hey there peeps! It has been a good Ramadhan month, weight-loss wise (and also spiritual-wise, of course). Just want to share with you about a lovely experience we had at Nutmeg Bangsar Village 2. (We wrote about our previous experience at Nutmeg here)

This time around we had an invitation from Chef William Chong who wanted to introduce Nutmeg’s awesome range of cakes inspired by fruits found in Malaysia. After a ‘light’ buka puasa (we were hosted by a chef, so there’s no such thing as ‘light’ 😉 ), we were presented with an array of nine (yes, nine!) cakes. It’s lucky both of us weren’t diabetic (yet, knock wood), or we could have gotten ourselves in trouble with all those yummy desserts.

We started our buka puasa with ‘Devil on Horseback’ which are actually dates wrapped with salted beef.

Devil on Horseback

Belacan Girl : I was very skeptical about this, but they have proven me wrong. Love the sweet, salty and crunchy taste! 

CheeseBoy : You’d never think that dates and beef could mix, but wow, it was really good!


Next, we were served with freshly made sourdough bread, hot from the oven!

Sourdough BreadBelacan Girl: When I cut the bun in two, my immediate reaction was ‘Ýa Allah, sedapnya bau!’. You can feel kenyang by just smelling it. That’s how good it is! 

CheeseBoy: I love this bread. I could eat a million of them. Crispy on the outside, soft in the middle. Melted butter… ooohhh.


Next came the delicious ‘Croissant-wich’, which is soft croissant with cured salmon/grav lax and perfectly made scrambled eggs.

Croissantwich Nutmeg Bangsar

Belacan Girl: This is actually my favourite dish at Nutmeg. Enough said! 

Cheeseboy: My favourite. The best scrambled egg in KL hands down! The grav lax is great too. Not too salty, not too plain.


 Then came the Salt Beef hashBeef with EggBelacan Girl: Surprisingly I like this. Think this is going to be my new favourite! Love the slight spicy taste! 

Cheeseboy: This is more like Southern US breakfast. Salted beef mixed with red peppers and potatoes, topped with sunny side up fried egg.


By this time, we were already extremely stuffed. (Ramadhan does shrink the tummy a bit. Small food portions seem big!) But the show was just getting started. In comes the parade of cakes by Nutmeg…

Flourless Ciku

Ciku Cake Nutmeg Bangsar

Belacan Girl: This is my favourite cake of all the cakes that I tasted that night. Its totally refreshing, love the light texture. Never knew that ciku and cake can be well blended. Oh, and it’s gluten free! 

Cheeseboy: Oh boy! My favourite fruit ciku! First time I had ciku in a cake. Delicious!


Papaya Paradise

Papaya Paradise Nutmeg Bangsar

Belacan Girl: It taste just like carrot cake. If you are fan of carrot cake, highly probable you are going to like this one as well!

Cheeseboy: Err… papaya cake?  I was skeptical, but yummy though.


Caramelized BananaCaramelized Banana Nutmeg

Belacan Girl: Not your usual banana cake, with the caramel topping. A must try! 

Cheeseboy: Err… I might be having some sugar high buzz right now…


Watermelon DelightWatermelon Cake 1Watermelon Cake 2

Belacan Girl: Love the smooth texture of the cake but you can still find tiny cubes of watermelon while eating it. Also love the agar on top of the cake. By the way, do you know that they have to dehydrate the watermelon for 2 days in order to make this cake? 

Cheeseboy: Who knew they could put watermelon in a cake? Genius.


Velvet PomegranatePomegranate Cake

Belacan Girl: Love the ‘çrunchiness’ of the pomegranates.

Cheeseboy: My head is definitely buzzing now… Too much sugar! Hehehe


Pink Guava

Pink Guava

Belacan Girl: You either love or hate this cake. Not really my favourite but CheeseBoy absolutely loved it! 

Cheeseboy: Oooh! Jambu in a cake! Got some guava seeds in it. Authentic!


Durian Chendol

Durian Chendul Nutmeg Bangsar

Belacan Girl: It feels like eating the original cendol. Make sure you pour a lot of that gula melaka. It’s splendid!

Cheeseboy: This is a very unique dessert. Drown it with gula melaka, and yums! It’s just plain sinful.


Pulut Hitam

Pulut Hitam Nutmeg Bangsar

Belacan Girl: Definitely a nicely done fusion cake. Wajik on the top, makes it extra special!

Cheeseboy: [Figured out to have some black coffee to offset the sugar high] A very Melayu cake. Somewhat traditional feel to it.


Coconut Moonlight

Moonlight Coconut

Belacan Girl: Last cake presented to us. Loved it.

Cheeseboy: By this time, I’m just sharing the cake with Belacan Girl. There’s only too much dessert a boy can handle. But it’s still good though. Love the coconut shavings.


Okay. We might not be doing justice in describing the cake experience. But why don’t you guys hear from Chef William himself. His way of talking about the cakes will make your mouth water. We were just amazed on how technical baking these cakes were, and how much love and effort were put into them.

Now that it’s Hari Raya month, why don’t you hang out at Nutmeg and try out the delicious cakes? Mind you, the cakes we’ve described above are sometimes seasonal, but Nutmeg serves a variety of cakes that will suit your palate. And they sell out quite fast. You can buy whole cakes to serve your guests during open house. So go check them out now.


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