Never Deal With The Devil! – Kami Histeria Movie Review

Have always been a fan of Fazura (I even dragged hubs to watch Kayangan at cinema), so when I heard of this movie my reaction was “Sayang, you have to belanja me this movie!” Since he is so sweet at entertaining my usually ridiculous requests, I let him be a guest blogger today. Enjoy his review of Kami Histeria below 🙂

If there’s five words you’ve ever need to remember, remember this:


Or in the case of KAMI HISTERIA, never deal with Cik Lang! (Yes, that’s the nickname they’ve given to the Malay horror creature, Langsuir!) The cute and scary film is brought to us by the same people behind classics, such as Gol & Gincu, Pisau Cukur, Istanbul Aku Datang. So you can expect a fun movie that’s worth your popcorn and the price of admission.

KAMI HISTERIA is about a girl band (called what else, HISTERIA) who moved into a decrepit, old apartment, and accidentally recorded a single with the eerie Langsuir wailing/shrieking in the background. The single incidentally garnered a few hundred thousand views on YouTube, and they became semi-famous for a few weeks. Weeks later, they released another song (this time without the langsuir’s awesome back-up vocals) but the song flopped. Being the fame junkies they were, they decided to hunt for the langsuir and made a ‘deal’ in order to record Cik Lang’s and use her back-up vocals in their next song. As expected, the next song became a huge hit, and Histeria became a smash!

Guess who came to claim her end of the deal? *errielangsuirlaughter*

KAMI HISTERIA is overall an entertaining film, with good acting from the ensemble. Special mention to Nad Zainal as ‘Peanut’, who didn’t utter a word throughout the 90 minutes, but stole the show. Fazura was also very creepy as Cik Lang. (Didn’t know Cik Lang spoke with a northern accent!) The rest of the cast also did a good job, especially with the stunts like being thrown on walls (Mila Jirin did 20 takes, smashing her back in a scary, bathroom langsuir attack scene) and some flying scenes.

Overall verdict:
Acting : 5/5
Comedy : 4/5
Horror : 4/5
Storyline : 3/5
Special Effects : 3/5
Final Verdict : 3.8/5

*Note: Picture from Kami Histeria Official Facebook Page


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