Angelina Paris

Hi peeps, I’m baacck! Told ya, I’m going to write more often this year! (Haha…ok fine, it’s only January) Anyways, if you’ve followed us on Instagram you would know that end of last year, Cheeseboy and I travelled for quite a bit. The trips started off with London and Cambridge, followed by Paris, Singapore and Melbourne.

FYI, during all these trips, we did not pack a single food from home. Cheeseboy insisted that we should eat like locals. Haha… I think he regretted this, particularly in Paris because the food are so pricey.

One of the many eateries that we truly enjoyed was actually Angelina Paris at rue de Rivoli. We enjoyed it so much that we actually went there twice! The first visit was before our Louvre tour. We both ordered Club Sandwich (Salmon and Eggs of course!) that came with a bowl of thin fries (which is surprisingly super yummy) and a piece of dessert called Trocadero.

angelina paris 003

Angelina Paris 011.JPG

angelina paris 002

When the food arrived, we were shocked to see the size of the sandwiches! It was so huge that one portion is actually enough for two. To make matters worse, we had also overlooked on the time that we should gather for our Louvre tour! That left us with just 30 minutes to finish everything. Unsurprisingly, we failed finishing our meals, which made us go for another trip the next day.

This time we decided to try out their breakfast. Everything was good except for my scrambled eggs. Seriously CheeseBoy can make them better. The croissants (there were plain and also chocolate ones) are all really good (Sorry, food was so awesome, we had forgotten to take pictures). Seriously, I doubt I will enjoy eating croissants in Malaysia after this. (I know, I know. I sound very mengada here)

angelina paris 007

angelina paris 008

The hot chocolate was really good. Yummy!

angelina paris - 009

Blogging about this is really making me hungreh!!!

Angelina Paris 012.JPG

In case you are wondering what to order and how damaging it will be to your wallet, here’s the menu for you to check out. Hope this helps!

angelina paris menu 001angelina paris menu 002angelina paris menu 4angelina paris menu 003angelina paris menu 4

angelina paris menu 006angelina-paris-menu-005.jpegangelina paris menu 006angelina-paris-menu-007.jpeg

angelina paris menu 008

angelina paris menu 010angelina paris menu 009angelina paris menu 010angelina paris menu 011

Note: You can find Angelina and Laduree café both at Versailles Palace and Louvre. (The queue there is madness though.) There’s also a small Angelina café inside Galleries La Fayette. Oh, when we were in Singapore, we decided to look at Angelina there at Marina Bay and the food (cakes) didn’t look as good. I think the cakes are air flown from Paris. Hence, you can see the texture of the cakes are not the same and as fresh as the ones served in Paris.


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