I’m Flow-ing

Being plus-sized or so called “curvy” has always made it difficult for me to find the right outfit. The trouble doubled after I decided to go hijab! There were times when I don’t feel like going out, just because I think I don’t have anything decent to wear. I’ve always liked the simple style, i.e. jeans and shirts/t-shirts. Plus my job normally required me to be outdoors, so cardigans and sweaters were not the best options for me. Seriously, fashion options were really limited for yours truly.

Thankfully, couple of years ago I discovered FLOW! Flow is fashion label under Valiram dedicated for curvy and full figured women. At Flow I can find all range of clothes that I need under one roof. Right from casual wear to office clothes (oh well, I’m lucky I can wear jeans to work!) to evening wear. The sizes range from US 8 to US 18. I have big arms (runs in the blood :P) and at Flow, my problem is solved they have wide range of designs that suit me. There are also a lot of options for those donning the hijab. Most of their clothes are made of cooling material, perfect for our country’s weather. The designs are contemporary so I don’t quite feel like makcik-makcik (aunties) anymore!


Love this top, it is one of the collaboration collection between Flow and Ning Baizura.


I’ve always wanted denim shirts. Now my wish is granted!


Another favourite of mine, the printed pants! Top is from Flow too.


Ala Kebaya cotton top. Can be worn with both jeans and skirts.


Another simple top that is so comfortable.


This is actually a knee length dress but I turned it into a top.

If you happen to have a copy of the May edition of Women’s Weekly Malaysia (the one with Drew Berrymore as the cover), do check out the RM30 cash voucher for Flow. (Voucher valid till 31st May 2014)


Trust me, this is not an ad, I just love the brand so much! 😛

By the way, with a minimum spending of RM500, you can get a Flow lifetime membership card. This card will entitle you to 10% discount on normal priced items and other promotional advantages such as Member’s Day specials.  No yearly minimum purchase or yearly fee required to maintain the membership. Cool eh?


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