Film Review: Dendam Pontianak

It has been a while since CheeseBoy and I both last watched a movie at the cinema. I guess we are rather choosy these days. But when we received the invitation to watch the premiere of #DendamPontianak, we just knew that it was something that we don’t want to miss!

If you know us well, you’ll know that we have been a long time fan of Fazura. We both have written her movies review, here (Kami Histeria) , here (Manisnya Cinta di Cappadocia and here (J Revolusi)

When we found out that Fazura was about to play another Pontianak role, we can’t help to wonder how different is it going to be with her role of Cik Lang in Kami Histeria. But after watching the movie, we totally get why she decided to play the ghostly role. Mina (Fazura’s role) is quite different from Cik Lang. Cik Lang was a Pontianak (or Langsuir) with a twisted sense of humour, but Mina is full of anger and sadness.


In general, I would say Dendam Pontianak is not another Pontianak movie. I am not going to talk much about the storyline, as I wouldn’t want to give away any spoilers. Unlike any other Pontianak movie where they are usually  portrayed as soul-less evil entities without much of a background story, Dendam Pontianak, on the other hand will reveal what actually happened to Mina. This will make you understand her anger and believe it or not, you will actually sympathise with her.

We were highly impressed by the production’s crew effort in re-creating the 1965 (year where the movie was set) atmosphere. Right from the props, to costume as well as hair and make-up. The cinematography are also amazing, with beautiful sceneries and shots.

The cast of Dendam Pontianak are a dream cast! The ensemble each played their roles well. Both leads Fazura and Remy’s performance are believable and you can feel their anguish and terror in many scenes. Nam Ron’s performance also left an impression on the audience.

Verdict: Fun movie to watch.

Dendam Pontianak is coming to Malaysian cinemas on September 12, 2019.



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Filming was horrific, say ‘Dendam Pontianak’ directors Glen Goei, Gavin Yap


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