Clingy Me

A couple of months ago, my sister celebrated her fifth anniversary. Unlike any other couples who perhaps go for holidays on their anniversaries, my sister went to the airport to send off her husband for another 6 month working trip. (Her husband is in O&G and stationed at all weird countries such as Turkmenistan and will be gone for months and months). I seriously don’t know how my sister manage to go through it. I myself will make such big fuss whenever CheeseBoy has to go for outstation travelling (even though it’s normally for just a few nights :P) I will whine and whine and ask questions like “Err…do you really have to go to?” or “Is it really necessary for you to go?” or “Dude, your team building is just going to be in Seremban, do you really have to spend a night there?” (I really hope CheeseBoy’s bosses are not reading this ;))

Every day, coming back from work, CheeseBoy and I will enlighten each other about our day. And, of course, our lives would not be complete unless we annoy each other on daily basis.

Of late, CheeseBoy has raised his concerns over my clingy-ness. He even asked “What happened to the independent girl that I married to?” Sigh…I guess I’ve been pampered too much over the years, and us not having children making us more clingy to each other (okay, okay, only me clingy). Plus, we have been together for the past 18 years, how can I not be clingy?

But I guess CheeseBoy has his point. He is becoming more concerned these days about me surviving on my own should anything happen to him. He’s talking about his will, investments and all that sort of thing nowadays. (Erk, which reminds me I need to upgrade my insurance policy and start my very own retirement plan) I’ve been telling CheeseBoy that I am totally capable taking care of myself (at least financially) and this is exactly why I agreed with CheeseBoy that to never ever quit working. (Despite me constantly joking asking CheeseBoy to buy me this and that, most of my shopping expenses comes from my own hard earned money. #girlpower)

To CheeseBoy, don’t worry too much, I will change when the time comes or whenever circumstances require me to. You know like I always do…

Clingy Me 2

Hhmm…perhaps I can make the first step to overcome my clingy-ness by planning my long overdue girls only holiday 😀


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