Sulwhasoo – Ginseng Trial Set

I’m quite blessed that my skin hardly gives me any major problem. But to be honest, I’ve always played it “safe” when it comes to my skin care. I can stick to one brand for years because fear of changes particularly when I have allergy issues. Wrong skin care can cause me major breakouts and it’s a nightmare.

For years, I’ve been using Olay and I have no problems with it. And I only used the cleanser and the moisturiser (I am a non-believer of facial). But since I’m approaching 40 next year I’m beginning to have concerns about my skin. (I want to grow old gracefully peeps) I don’t use sunblock and yet I spend a lot of time outdoors. I can already see the fine lines here and there. I am also slightly darker now ūüėõ (CheeseBoy is insisting that I nitpick too much on myself).


My skin would normally suffer after being under hot sun the whole day. Look at those rashes!

Over the past few months, I’ve been using products from a Korean brand called Sulwhasoo (specifically First Activating Serum, Snowise EX Protection Cream coupled with Hydro-aid moisturising soothing cream) because I felt my skin was¬†dry. So far so good, no allergic reactions. But it didn’t give much improvement to my skin.


(I love the lip serum and perfecting cushion though. Will write my review on them on a separate post)


(Hydro-aid moisturising cream – Picture from

Apparently they’re¬†insufficient for my ageing skin (crying a river now!). So I decided to try the ginseng range. But…a bottle of the ginseng moisturising cream cost like RM700++ and I wouldn’t even know whether it’s going to suit my skin well or not.

Thankfully Sulwhasoo came up with ginseng trial set that comprises of the items below at only RM390:

First Care Activating Serum EX 30ml (Normal price RM290 for 60ml)
Concentrated Ginseng Renewing Cream EX 25ml
Essential Balancing Water EX 30ml
Essential Balancing Emulsion EX 30ml
Herbal Soap 70g

sulwhasoo-005Actually there are two types of Concentrated Ginseng Renewing Cream, original and light. I chose the light one since the original one made my skin too shiny! I can feel that my skin is more moisturised now. Will write about my experience with on this product in couple of weeks time. Guess now its too soon to tell.

Meanwhile, I shall promise that I will use¬†it religiously…haha


 Oh yeah, if you are like me where you actually hate  (read: paranoid) dipping your fingers into those cream worry not because the moisturiser comes with scoop!

To be continued…


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