Malaysia Top Blogs 2014

I’ve always wondered who were the top bloggers in Malaysia. I did a Google search, and the last one I saw was someone’s posting in mid-2013. That’s not current enough for me. So I took some time yesterday to look into Alexa, and came up with the below list of Malaysia’s Top Blogs (as per 16 March 2014):

No Alexa
Website URL Category
1 59 Beautifulnara Entertainment
2 98 Automotive
3 167 Entertainment
4 178 Entertainment
5 180 Personal Blog
6 187 Personal Blog
7 192 IT, Gadgets, Tech
8 207 tengoktvonline News
9 252 Personal Blog
10 311 Personal Blog
11 331 Personal Blog
12 354 Personal Blog
13 361 Personal Blog
14 365 Personal Blog
15 369 Personal Blog
16 397 Politics / Islam
17 415 Anak Sungai Derhaka Politics
18 416 Amazingnara News
19 427 Tech / Blogging
20 429 Bersama Mazidul News
21 437 Sally Samsaiman Personal Blog
22 450 Personal Blog
23 451 Kelab Greenboc News
24 475 Personal Blog
25 489 Pen Patah Blog Personal Blog


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8 thoughts on “Malaysia Top Blogs 2014

  1. The top site is a celebrity gossip site. That’s sad. I don’t think Paul Tan can still be considered a blog anymore

  2. Kalau buat blog on ‘paranormal’ mesti laku in Malaysia! Mastika is not the highest circulated magazine for nothing..hehe

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