We’ve discovered Yeast over a year ago and to date, it remains our favourite spot for breakfast. This is one place that we go we and we tried variety of the items on the menu. However, both CheeseBoy and I personal favourite will be Egg Benedict with Salmon. Yums!

Yeast 002

Somehow  CheeseBoy prefers Jibby & Co Egg Florentine compared to Yeast though…

Yeast 010

 This Cranberry Tart is to die for!

Yeast 003

 I just love the toast and the home made butter and jam.

Yeast 004

Yeast also have an array of scrumptious pastries. Another plus point!

Yeast 006

Yeast 007

Yeast 008

My brother-in-law who used to live in France for 5 years and accustomed to all those French pastries also acknowledge that the Yeast pastries are good. I love their plain croissant and would drive all the way from my house to Bangsar just to get them.

Yeast 005

Yeast decoration and the red seats really reminds me of the cafeteria across Gare du Nord, Paris.

The address:
Yeast Bistronomy
24G, Jalan Telawi 2, Bangsar Baru
(right across Mikey’s Original New York Pizza)

On the other note, to answer the question whether Yeast is halal or not the place does not receive Halal certification from JAKIM and will never get one as they serve liquor. However, the ingredients used for the food are halal. I hope this information helps.


2 thoughts on “YEAST

  1. Hi BG & CB,
    I found your blog from this post about Yeast. Just browsed some of your more current posts. Looks like I’d enjoy following your adventures. Added to my RSS feed. 😉

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