Paul is Finally in KL

Hi peeps! Ramadhan is here again. We hope that you’re having a peaceful fasting and breaking of fast with your families. Not to mention spending the month with extra prayers and charity.

Knowing that we’ll be unable to go eating during day hours for a month, we managed to squeeze in a quick visit to the newly opened PAUL bakery & restaurant in Pavillion, KL just before Ramadhan started.

Those who followed our Instagram would have seen that we’ve dined at Paul Jakarta. However, we went there mostly in the morning, so they were serving only breakfast food.

Now we finally get to try the other dishes. And the verdict is simply WOW!

PAUL KL serves really yummy dishes. Check out what we had below:


Above: Tartine Boeuf


Above: Tartine Saumon


Above: Paillasson saumon fume (Smoked salmon and yogurt spread)


Above: Creme Brulee

We just shared the above dishes but it was more than enough to turn us into a bloated-tummied couple walking around the mall.

If you guys are interested to check out Paul, here’s the pic of the menu we managed to capture.


Paul KL Menu 01Paul KL Menu 02Paul KL Menu 03Paul KL Menu 04Paul KL Menu 05Paul KL Menu 06Paul KL Menu 07Paul KL Menu 08Paul KL Menu 09Paul KL Menu 10Paul KL Menu 11Paul KL Menu 12Paul KL Menu 13Paul KL Menu 14Paul KL Menu 15Paul KL Menu 16Paul KL Menu 17Paul KL Menu 18Paul KL Menu 19Paul KL Menu 20Paul KL Menu 21Paul KL Menu 22Paul KL Menu 23Paul KL Menu 24Paul KL Menu 25Paul KL Menu 26


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