Positano Risto Singapore

Lately, we have been quite the regulars in Singapore. Mostly due to meetings, where we also took some time to go enjoy ourselves in between/after meetings. We remember the time when we were Singapore ‘virgins’ and weren’t familiar on how to even enter the country. Our first adventure was by bus. Boy, that was a long time ago, and that’s something we won’t do anymore due to age factor. Long lines at immigration is not our thing. Nowadays, we prefer to drive into Singapore, which allows us to go wherever we want. (Singaporeans drive slowww…) We’ve gotten pretty good getting around Singapore, either by their public transport or driving. Shopping at Changi airport is also great. They have good sales there sometimes.

Our last trip brought us to the Arab Street area. We’ve never paid much attention to that area, except to eat Zamzam briyani or their famous murtabaks. But being the ‘intrepid’ explorers we are, we went to Haji Lane and Bussorah Street. This area is just packed with cool shops and restaurants. (A lot of halal restaurants to eat) Tired of eating briyani and rice dishes, we decided to stop by a highly rated halal Italian restaurant called ‘Positano Risto’. Check out the dishes we had ordered below:

Above:  Positano Super Supreme Calzone
Seriously this is a must have! The crust and dough alone taste really good. Btw, calzone is actually folded pizza.


Above: Squid Ink Seafood Spaghetti.
You can order this spicy or non-spicy. Of course, Belacan Girl ordered the spiciest possible. Delicious!

Above: Someone’s happy 🙂


Above: We had the cannoli for dessert. Tasted citrus-y. Not really our thing though.


Above: Yup, it’s really halal. Makanlah tanpa was-was.


Above: Sit outside or inside. But we highly recommend booking online for seats to avoid any inconvenience.


Check out the menus below for the items and pricing:

We would highly recommend this place if you’re into Italian food. We’ll definitely drop by next time to try the other dishes. Google them for their contact details.


P.S: Guess who we bumped into below 😉





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