Fahrin Ahmad and Elena Eleas Wedding

It’s been 2 weeks since our good friend Fahrin Ahmad tied the knot with lucky girl, Elena Eleas. (Hehe. Maybe Fahrin’s the lucky one, not Elena?) Honestly, even we don’t know that Fahrin had a girlfriend. Of course we had our hunch the last few months cuz we’re nosy busy-bodies, but honestly we did not expect the nuptials to be as fast as it was.

It all started with Fahrin’s whatsapp… “Bro, you busy?” Then he sent us this invitation

Fahrin Ahmad Press Conference

Meh? A press conference? The last time he had a PC it was years ago, clearing the air against certain nasty allegations by certain former girlfriends. (Boy, glad that episode was over.) What’s the story now?

And so we took some personal time off and rushed to the PC, expecting the worst.

Fahrin Ahmad Press Conference

Lo and behold, he dropped a major bomb that broke the hearts of thousands of lonely females…

Fahrin Ahmad is getting married!

And it’s in just a few days!

Boy were we surprised! How dare he kept this from us! And how dare did he plan his wedding when we were supposed to have a relaxing weekend!

But it’s Fahrin our good friend. Of course, we’ll be there!

Fahrin Ahmad Wedding 02

Saturday couldn’t come faster. (Had a really busy week at work, plus a bowling tournament the night before). We reached Sime Darby Convention Centre a bit late, but discovered that we actually had really good seats just behind the Tok Kadi. Here are some pics:

Fahrin Ahmad Wedding 01

It took some time for the bride and groom to come in. Believe it or not Fahrin was still whatsapp-ing me to check on his guests. I told him to stop chatting and get in the hall quick. Fahrin came in first, and took his seat.


Then the bride was introduced and she entered the hall. Her name was Elena Eleas, and she looked really pretty entering the hall. All heads were turned to see the ‘unveiling’, as Elena walked elegantly to the pelamin. People were gasping and literally going ‘Cantiknya! Cantiknya!’. (These were entertainment media gawking over her) I wish you guys could see Fahrin’s face light up as he saw Elena. Priceless moment.

Elena Eleas

Fahrin Ahmad Wedding 04 Elena Eleas 02

If Fahrin was nervous, it only showed during the aqad nikah ceremony. Alhamdulillah, the lafaz was only recited once. (When you’re the host of countless of shows and events, I guess that was practice for this big day. Haha.)

Fahrin Ahmad Wedding 03

After the ceremony, there was the usual blessing by both parents and you could see the tears of proud parents. It was a sweet moment, and typical of weddings, everyone wanted to take photos with the bride and groom.

But this wedding was unique because it’s the first time we saw that the bride and groom had to handle the entertainment media first. Fahrin and Elena had to answer questions from the print, blog, and television reporters, which took a long, long time. We felt sorry for the family members as they had to wait for the media to cool down. Only then did Fahrin and Elena go down the ballroom to join family and friends for the lunch and cake cutting ceremony. Since it was Fahrin’s birthday as well, Elena had arranged for an Arsenal cake to be presented to her new husband. It was another cute moment. (Sorry, we’re die hard Manchester United fans guys.)

To Fahrin and Elena, our sincerest congratulations and we wish you all the best in your married life. May both of you enjoy your lives together til Jannah, and you will always have Belacan Girl and CheeseBoy as your friends.

Fahrin & Elena with BGCB


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