Exactly 10 years ago yesterday, they aired the final episode of Friends. Oh my, has it been that long? And guess what? I still miss them. Like a lot! 😦

I practically grew with the show and there are so many aspects from the series that we can relate to. For instance, how Rachel moved out from her comfort zone and learnt how to be independent, failed relationships, career development and of course, their struggle to conceive.

Of course, there were also memorable phrases such as Chandler’s “COULD IT BE…”, Joey’s “HOW YOU DOIN’?” and most memorable of all Ross’ “WE WERE ON A BREAK!”.

Anyway, below is one of CheeseBoy’s favourite episodes from the series, and yes after 10 years and countless reruns I am sill laughing watching it.

So, is it a yay or nay for Friends reunion?


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