Feeka Coffee Roasters

Ahh… Monday morning. Don’t you just love taking a day off on Monday, when everyone else is working? No Monday blues. No Monday morning traffic jam. No rushing to office. Sheer bliss.

We’re so lucky that our bosses allowed us to take leave last Monday. So, naturally we took the time to hunt for some place we haven’t been to. This time the joint we picked was Feeka Coffee Roasters at Jalan Mesui, KL. (Where is that? It’s a few streets away from Hotel Istana) Leave it to Belacan Girl to find some weird spot, nestled away in a place where parking is inconvenient. ūüėõ

Feeka Signage 02

Feeka Coffee Roasters apparently isn’t a new restaurant. I think it’s been around for quite awhile. The place sits in the middle of a row of shophouses, and has that relaxing vibe due to some nicely planted greenery outside. There are tables inside (with air conditioning of course) and outside for those who prefer au-naturale setting. Word that came to us was that Feeka serves some pretty good breakfast and cakes. So, that’s why we dropped by.¬†The ambiance of the place was quite nice. It felt cozy,¬†but cool¬†at the same time. Some¬†walls were left unpainted to create that ‘warehousy’ feel, and the deco was a mixture of metal and wood. (Kinda the ‘in’ deco nowadays we thinks).

Feeka Exterior

(Above: Very simple entrance)

Enough about the deco, what about the food? Both of us ordered the Feeka Big Breakfast, which had sunny side up eggs, sauteed mushrooms and potatoes, toasted bread and sausage. Verdict? We think it could use some improvement. Taste-wise, it’s okay. But we would love to have the choice of how we wanted the eggs done. (I’m a fan of medium scrambled eggs). We got huge sunny side up eggs (a bit overcooked) that were put on top off the toast, potatoes, and mushrooms. I seriously couldn’t see under the eggs! Being the first time ordering the dish, I had to ask BelacanGirl what was under those eggs. As for drinks, I had Americano, while BG had just plain water. The coffee was alright. The plain water was, well, plain water. ūüôā Oh yeah, BG also had a slice of chocolate mille crepe cake, which she thought was so-so.

Feeka Big Breakfast 01

(Above: Feeka Big Breakfast. Egg was blocking everything. Is that a smiley face?)

Feeka Coffee and Cake

(Above: Americano and BG’s¬†chocolate mille crepe¬†cake)

If you’re feeling adventurous, and want to dine where there’s an eclectic type of crowd, you can drop by Feeka. I would rate the food about 3 out of 5, but it’s a nice place to chill with friends.

Below some other pictures:

Feeka Menu 01Feeka Menu 03 Feeka Menu 02(Above: The Menus. Click to enlarge.)


(Above: Some on table deco)

Belacan Girl

(Above: Belacan Girl not included! :P)

Feeka Counter(Above: You order at the counter)

Feeka Customers(Above: A very good mix of crowds. Mat Sallehs, business people, and local lepakers)

Feeka Lounge

(Above: Couch and table for a bigger group)

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