Remember that scary as heck movie “THE CONJURING”? There was this freaky doll that made a cameo. The doll’s name was ANNABELLE.

The Annabelle case is a real documented case of a demonic possessed doll. Demonologists Ed and Lorraine Warren (of Amityville Horror fame) managed to rescue a couple from the disturbances caused by Annabelle. The real Annabelle have since been locked up in a glass showcase in the Warren’s Occult Museum. (For a better explanation of the Annabelle story click here)

Annabelle Doll

The director of The Conjuring, James Wan, now returns with the story of Annabelle. If you were freaked out like us watching The Conjuring, then you’d enjoy Annabelle. Check out the trailer below:

Oh yeah, stay tuned to Belacan Girl Cheese Boy for an exciting contest where you stand a chance to WIN MOVIE TICKETS to Annabelle! Coming real soon!

Annabelle GIF


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