The Fancy Breakfast Club

Belacan Girl buzzed me about this new establishment in Bangsar. And then another foodie friend buzzed about it in our WhatsApp group. (Funny how word of mouth starts.)

Honestly, I didn’t have a clue about the Fancy Breakfast Club. It was a hectic few weeks for me, so I didn’t have time to Google them. So, I left it to Belacan Girl to do the reservations. From the start, I was a bit puzzled that Belacan Girl told me they required payment up front. (I was going ‘What? What if we don’t turn up?’) But we made the money transfer anyways, and our seats were reserved. Belacan Girl told me it was ‘semi-buffet’ brunch. Another blank look from me. She explained that the concept is that the main dishes will be cooked upon order, while there are also other things served buffet style. Ah, okay. Understood.

So last Saturday morning we went to the place. Another surprise for me. Don’t expect a full blown restaurant. The Fancy Breakfast Club was nestled nicely in a row of terrace houses. Upon arrival, we were nicely greeted  by them, and shown to our seats on the patio.  The patio was covered by some white sheets, so that customers were not exposed to the sun. And there were fans/portable air-conds so that customers were comfortable. There’s a certain English garden feeling to it.

Fancy Breakfast Club 01

On our tables, the menu was presented and we only have to tick on our selection. While they cooked what we ordered, we helped ourselves to the buffet spread.

Fancy Breakfast Club 09Fancy Breakfast Club 15(Above: The Menu of the Day)
Fancy Breakfast Club 02(Above: The Semi-Buffet Spread)

Fancy Breakfast Club 03 Fancy Breakfast Club 04Fancy Breakfast Club 05Fancy Breakfast Club 06 Fancy Breakfast Club 07(Above: I had 4 of these mini-croissants. Delish)
Fancy Breakfast Club 08Fancy Breakfast Club 10(Above: My Salmon Omelette)Fancy Breakfast Club 16(Above: Belacan Girl had the Hoisin Duck Tart)
Fancy Breakfast Club 11(Above: I love that the chilled lemon tea was served in mini-jars)
Fancy Breakfast Club 12(Above: My dessert – Green tea crepe with ice cream, strawberries, and peach slices)Fancy Breakfast Club 17(Above: Belacan Girl had the creme brulee. Yummeh!)
Fancy Breakfast Club 14(Above: Inside seatings. Lovely deco)

Later on we chatted with the nice people who ran the place.(Thanks Aida/Basira!) Seems that they’ve just opened a few weeks ago, and they were surprised at the positive reception from the public. Being a ‘boutique catering’ concept, reservations are required as there are limited seats. Some walk-in customers had to be turned away. So make sure you make reservations in advance peeps! Also, being limited of space, we highly recommend that reservations are made in even numbers, e.g. 2, 4, 6 pax, etc. Being a small place, odd numbers of people really mess up the seating arrangements. They are also open for special events.

The Fancy Breakfast Club is a nice place to retreat from the hustle and bustle of KL. Those willing to be adventurous can check them out at the below:

76, Jalan Limau Purut
59000 Bangsar
Kuala Lumpur
Contact: +6 012 200 4301


2 thoughts on “The Fancy Breakfast Club

  1. Food, food, glorious food. Must go. If my weight increase by one or two kg. it’s still okay with me. My sister commented that I’m so thin.

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